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Hurry! Just a Couple of Days Left...and NEW Cake Patterns
July 10, 2008

The Icing on the Cake, Issue #16 - Hurry! Just a Couple of Days Left... and Brand New Cake Patterns!

July 10, 2008

The Icing on the Cake brings you the latest additions to our cake decorating site

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Hurry! Cake Decorating Contest Ends in a Couple of Days!

If you still want to submit any cakes that you have made to the cake decorating contest, hurry and do so because there are only a couple of days left. The contest ends on next Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 at midnight EST, so make sure you submit your cakes before then in order for them to be eligible for any of the Amazon Gift Card prizes totaling $225 USD!

First place prize is a $100 Amazon Gift Card, and there are prizes for the second and third place winning cakes as well. There is also a $50 Amazon Gift Card prize for the best cake directions and description, so make sure you take that into account when you are submitting those last minute cakes!

You can Submit Your Cakes Here.

Brand New Cake Patterns!

We have started to add cake patterns to some of the cake designs so that you can print them out and they may help you with recreating some of the designs. These are particularly helpful when you do not have a cake pan in the shape that you need.

You can use the pattern (and enlarge it if you need to) and the T-pin transfer method which can be found towards the bottom of our birthday cake design tips and techniques page or whatever method you choose to help with the drawing of the shape and other details on your cake.

So far five (5) have been added, but we will be adding more each month! The link to the patterns will be in the directions of the cake that they belong to. So far the following cakes now have patterns that you can download:

1. Robot Cake

2. Mickey Mouse Cake

3. Incredible Hulk Cake

4. Butterfly Birthday Cake

5. Football Cakes

If there is a certain cake design (this must be one of our cakes and not a submitted cake) that you would like the pattern for, then send an email to easybirthdaycakes[at sign] and request it and that will move that particular pattern to the top of the list to be done next!

How to Stay Up to Date With All the New Additions. . .

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Have a great month and submit your cakes!

Cristy and Cathy

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