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The Icing on the Cake, Issue #010 -- What's New & An Easy Photograph Idea
October 10, 2006

The Icing on the Cake, Issue #10 - What's New & and An Easy Way To Put A Photograph On Your Cake

Issue #10, October 10, 2006

The Icing on the Cake brings you the latest additions to our cake decorating site

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You might have noticed that I am currently updating the look of our website. Iím sure you can tell that I am no web designer, but I am slowly improving it a little at a time. I hope you like it! Feel free to submit any comments you might have through the Contact Form.

We added 10 new cakes to the Easy-Birthday-Cakes website in the month of September. One of the new cakes was added to the Baby Cakes section, three were added to the Character Cakes section, four were added to the Holiday Cakes section and one was added to the Kids Birthday Cakes section. As always, there is a picture and instructions showing you how each cake was made. Here are all the new additions in September. . .

1. Alligator Cake This is a really cute sheet cake that is cut out in the shape of an alligator. It is great for a boy's birthday. Please click to see the Alligator Cake.

2. Bunny Cake This is an easy cake to decorate that makes a great cake for Spring or Easter (I know my timing is a little off, but check it out anyway and bookmark it for later if you like it.) Please click to see the Bunny Cake.

3. Easter Basket Cake I love this cake. It is an Easter Basket with actual decorated cookies in it as the Easter eggs. It is a great idea and makes for a really fantastic looking cake. Please click to see the Easter Basket Cake.

4. Chick Cake This is also a really easy to decorate cake for Spring or Easter. It was made with the bunny cake above and they make a great pair. Please click to see the Chick Cake.

5. Happy Easter Cake This is a sheet cake made for Easter. Again, you will have to wait a while to try it, but I thought I'd put up all the Easter cakes at once. Please click to see the Happy Easter Cake.

6. Disney Princess Cake This is a sheet cake decorated with Ariel and Jasmine on top. Make sure you check out the other Disney princess cakes while you are checking this one out. This is a very popular theme for little girls! Please click to see the Disney Princess Cake.

7. Baby Bop Dinosaur Cake This is a really cute cake that is cut out in the shape of Baby Bop's head (from Barney the Dinosaur). It is great for a child that loves Barney and Baby Bop. Please click to see the Baby Bop Dinosaur Birthday Cake.

8. Incredible Hulk Cake This is the second Incredible Hulk cake on the website now. I like this one a lot better than the first one. Make sure you check it out! Please click to see the Incredible Hulk Cake.

9. Picture Birthday Cake This is a really great idea and an easy way to make a personalized cake (more on this below.) This is a round cake with my daughter's picture on it that was made for her 7th birthday (notice she is missing her two front teeth!) My daughter loved it, she liked having her picture on the cake. Please click to see the Picture Birthday Cake.

9. Picture Collage One Birthday Cake This is one of my favorite cakes ever because it makes a great cake and it also serves as a special keepsake. This is a number one with a picture collage of the baby on top. It is a really special idea for a first birthday cake. Please click to see the Picture Collage One Birthday Cake.

An Easy Way To Put A Photograph On Your Cake

Take the photograph that you would like to use and enlarge it or reduce it to the size that you want for where you are going to place it on your cake.

Cut the photograph into the shape that you want and laminate it. If you do not have a laminator, you can use the self stick laminating sheets. Be sure to laminate both sides of the photograph.

Cut the laminating around the edge of the photograph leaving a slight edge of lamination. It is now ready to place on your decorated cake.

You can now cover the edges of the photograph with flowers or a shell border if you wish. When you are ready to cut the cake, just remove the photograph.

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Have a great month!

Cristy and Cathy

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