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easter cake

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Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. Ice the cake in white icing making sure the surface is nice and smooth.

Using a green food color spray (also known as color mist), spray the top and sides of the cake a light green.

With an icing filled bag and round tip, size #5, draw the bunny and the eggs on the cake top.

Use a star tip, size #18 to do all of the fill in work and a round tip, size #5 to do the outline work. With pink icing , fill in the inside of the bunny's ear and his nose.

Use white icing and fill in the white areas of the bunny's body. Make a medium brown icing and fill in the rest of the bunny's body.

Fill in the eggs the colors of icing as in the picture or which ever colors you wish and whatever designs you want.

Use black icing and the round tip and outline the bunny not forgetting to make a dot for his eye. Outline the eggs also.

Now make a yellow green color icing and use the leaf tip, size #352 to make grass tufts around the bunny and the eggs.

To make the grass tufts, just pull up quickly as you squeeze the icing bag lightly. Now change the tip to star tip, size #18 and make a shell border around the top edge of the cake and the bottom edge of the sides.

With the round tip, size #5, and blue icing, write "Happy Easter" on the top of the Easter cake above the easter eggs.

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