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Kids Birthday Cakes - Page 1

If you want to view all of our kids cakes, you can start here. This is the first page of our kids birthday cakes section. It contains all of the kids cakes except for Character cakes. They have their own section since there are so many of them. Make sure you continue on to the other pages. The kids cakes are all listed in alphabetical order, but often times they may be called something different since there is more than one thing that they can be named. There are a total of 10 pages in our kids birthday cakes section, so make sure you see all of them!

3D Dog Cake 3D Dog Cake

This dog cake is a 4 tier cake which I carved legs into and covered with fondant. Then for the head, I made rice crispy and carved the head and covered it also in fondant...

3d Gymboree Cake 3d Gymboree Cake

This Gymboree cake is my 1st fondant 3D cake. The design is Gymboree sitting on a basket. I baked 2 6" square moist chocolate cheese cake and frost it with buttercream...

Alien Cake Alien Cake

I made this Alien cake with just a packet mix vanilla cake. I mixed the supplied icing with extra icing sugar and some water, and divided it up for ...

Alligator Cake Alligator Cake

Find out how to make this fantastic looking alligator cake by following these easy directions.

Airplane Adventure Cake Airpane Adventure Cake

This airplane cake was for our friends son's 1st birthday party. The theme of the birthday was airplane adventures...

Airplane Cake Airplane Cakes

I made this Airplane cake for my Pastor's son's graduation. Every trial and error that could of happened.... DID! This cake...

Animal Cupcakes Animal Cupcakes

These cup cakes are made of butter vanilla cupcake recipe, brushed with apricot jam, and covered with fondant. The figures also are made of fondant (they are my personal creation)...

Army Military Police Welcome Cake Army Military Police Welcome Cake

I made this cake for my son's welcome home from Army Basic Training and Military Police school and it shows a little of his story while there...

Army Tank Cake Army Tank Cake

I made this army tank cake for my son's 5th birthday and he was so excited about it. The cake is an 8x10 sheet cake with a loaf pan for the top of the tank. ...

Baby Bear Cake Baby Bear Cake

To make this baby bear cake, take a round 3 pound cake pan. Bake a plain vanilla cake,then to make this baby bear cake you just...

Ballerina Bear Birthday Cake Ballerina Bear Birthday Cake

To make this ballerina bear birthday cake, I used the Wilton Bear-shaped tin and looked at the Wilton web site for information...

Ballerina Cake Ballerina Cake

Find out how to make this fantastic looking ballerina cake. This ballerina birthday cake is easy to make. Just follow the easy instructions and pictures.

Ballerina Birthday Cake Ballerina Birthday Cake

This ballerina birthday cake was a request from a friend to celebrate the first birthday of her daughter

Ballerina Cake With Flowing Tutu Ballerina Cake With Flowing Tutu

This cake was for a special needs girl and her groups first ballet recital. It was white cake with vanilla frosting. It was inspired by a picture I saw in a cake book a few years ago....

Pretty Ballerina Cake Pretty Ballerina Cake

My friend asked me to make her daughter a ballerina cake. I wanted a pretty one here's how I did it: First I made the head...

Dancing Cake Ballet Dancing Cake

This dancing cake was another favorite of mine. It's chocolate mud cake with pink fondant...

Barn Yard Cake Barn Yard Cake

I made this barn yard cake for my cousins 1st birthday party. It was a real hit everyone loved it. I used an 11X15 cake pan and made a chocolate cake...

Barnyard Birthday Cake Barnyard Birthday Cakes

This barnyard birthday cake is perfect for a child's birthday. It is easy to make and includes pictures and instructions for making this adorable cake.

Barnyard Animal Cakes Animal Cakes

Includes pictures of animal cakes and easy to follow instructions of how to make them. This is a fantastic looking barnyard cake that children will love.

Birthday on the Farm Cake Birthday on the Farm Cake

This cake was made for my grandson's 1st birthday. The barn cake was made from a house pan. The silo was made by stacking 3 muffin sized cakes on top of each other...

Beach Party Birthday Cake Beach Party Birthday Cake

I used a round pan to make this beach party birthday cake. I then iced it with blue dyed icing. I went to a candy store and purchased...

Bee Hive Cake Bee Hive Cake

This is a 12x18 white cake, torted to make 2 layers, filled and iced with white buttercream. It was served on...

Bee Movie Birthday Cake Bee Movie Birthday Cake

To make this Bee Movie birthday cake, I went mostly by the directions that was given on this site, however I did use a few tricks of my own...

Bee Movie Cake Bee Movie Cake

Here is how I made this Bee Movie Cake: First, here is the shopping List two cake mixes and three pounds of buttercream icing...

Birthday Bear Cake Birthday Bear Cake

This bear cake was made for my son's birthday. We wanted to commemorate the occasion of a bear breaking into Zak's grandparents' cabin on a remote island in upper Michigan...

Birthday Train Cake Birthday Train Cake

I made this cake from 4 Mini Loaf pan cakes. I cut 2 of them in half, frosted 3 of the halves to make the cars...

Casper Bichon Frise Cake Bichon Frise Cake

This bichon frise cake is vanilla sponge with raspberry jam shaped into a dog shape then iced...

Chocolate Bichon Frise Cake - Ben Bichon Frise Cake - Ben

To make this Bichon Frise cake, I used a 3D bear mold pan. In it is a rich chocolate cake and dark chocolate ganache...

Bronco Cake Bronco Cake

It is an ice cream cake decorated with buttercream icing. I drew the logo on the cake myself...

Bumble Bee Cake Bumble Bee Cake

This bumble bee cake makes a great cake for a child's birthday party. It is super easy to make, but looks fantastic. Find out how to make this adorable cake.

Bugs, Spiders and Snake Garden Cake Bugs, Spiders and Snake Garden Cake

I made this bugs, spiders and snake garden cake for my son who wanted a Snakes & Bugs theme for his 4th birthday party and

bulldozer boys birthday cakes Bulldozer Boys Birthday Cakes

Find out how to make fantastic looking boys birthday cakes including this bulldozer cake and many others. Includes pictures and easy to follow instructions.

Bulldozer Cake Bulldozer Cake

This bulldozer cake looks fantastic, but unfortunately, no description of how it was made was submitted with the cake...

Don't Forget the Character Cakes!

There are lots of kids birthday cakes in the Character Cakes section as well. If your little one has a favorite character, chances are we have a cake of that character along with pictures and instructions showing you how to make it. Our character cakes section is about as big as our kids birthday cakes section. Imagine how delighted your child will be when they see their birthday cake of their favorite character.

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