Doll Cakes

Get your next birthday party all "dolled up" for the special birthday girl. These doll cakes are sure to be the hit of the party. Simply follow the directions printed on the page and get on with all of the baking fun. There are so many adorable ideas, so try them all! We also have a whole section dedicated just to Barbie cakes if you are looking for a Barbie Doll cake.

Dama Antaona Colony Lady Cake Dama Antaona Colony Lady Cake

This birthday cake is covered with fondant. The skirt of the doll is a vanilla chocolate cake that is stuffed with nutella cream...

Doll Cake in Blue Doll Cake in Blue

To make this doll cake, I used a cheap doll that I bought at a 99 cents store. I used the ball cake pan. I baked one butter cake, and froze it for 3 hours...

Doll Cake Made with Wonder Pan Doll Cake Made with Wonder Pan

The first thing I did to make this doll cake was go to the ninety-nine cent store and buy an inexpensive doll for the cake...

Doll Cake Show Cake Doll Cake Show Cake

This doll cake was made using a dolly varden tin. It is caramel mud cake and this was made to enter my home town's show it has not...

Doll Cake Doll Cake

Bake a cake in the wonder mold cake pan. If you do not have that cake pan, you can use a metal or glass bowl that is oven proof. Make pink icing...

Fairy Doll Cake Fairy Doll Cake

This fairy doll cake is cooked in a doll cake pan and there is a 12 inch one underneath it. It is covered with grass blades and flowers ...

Frilly Doll Cake Frilly Doll Cake

This frilly doll cake is made with a yellow cake. All of the frills were cut out one at a time and placed on the cake...

It's My Jude Pauline Doll Cake It's My Jude Pauline Doll Cake

It was just a plain cake recipe, what I did was I bought a bottom cake pan and using regular icing, whallllaaaaa, that was it...

My Fair Lady Cake My Fair Lady Cake

This cake was for a family member who is in love with the movie My Fair Lady. I have never seen it, but she really loved a dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie...

Princess Doll Cake Princess Doll Cake

I made this cake with its own instructions and see is amazing. The flowers on the dress is by Royal icing...

If you didn't find what you are looking for here, we have a whole section of Barbie cakes as well, so make sure you check those out too!

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