Baby Cakes, Baby Shower Cakes,
1st Birthday Cakes

Here you will find several different types of baby cakes. There are baby shower cakes, 1st birthday cakes and other cakes just for babies.

Although there are several cakes that are especially for babies in this section, take a look at the other sections of this site as well to see some other cakes that may fit what you are looking for.

3D Baby Cake 3D Baby Cake

For this 3D baby cake, I baked a 10, and an 8 chocolate cakes. I froze the largest one to make it easier to sculpt the two arms and...

A.J.'s Baby Shower Cake A.J.'s Baby Shower Cake

The bottom round layer of this baby shower cake is chocolate and the top is square white cake. I used buttercream and smoothed...

Alphabet Blocks for Baby Cake Alphabet Blocks for Baby Cake

To make this alphabet blocks cake, I used pound cake because I knew it would hold up better to being carved and iced. I cut the...

Animal Quilt Cake - Welcome Baby Manuel Animal Quilt Cake - Welcome Baby Manuel

I made this for a young woman on my staff. She wanted me to match her baby shower napkins and plates and make it look kind of like...

Ayden's Baby Shower Cake Ayden's Baby Shower Cake

This cake is for a baby shower. I used the 2 cake mix Wilton book pan. Bake according to directions. I then used a 10 1/2 loaf pan...

Baby Block Cake Baby Block Cake

To make this baby block cake, I took two square cake pans and put icing in between each one. Then I stacked them on top of each...

Baby Blocks First Birthday Cake Baby Blocks First Birthday Cake

Bake an 8 inch two layer round cake. Also bake five block cakes in a block pan...

Baby Bottle Cake Baby Bottle Cake

To make this baby bottle cake, you use 2 normal vanilla cakes. To decorate the bottle you use normal vanilla icing. The screw top...

Baby Booties Cakes Baby Booties Cakes

Bake either an eight inch or ten inch two layer cake, whichever size you need. Ice the cake in white buttercream icing ...

Baby Booties Cake Baby Booties Cake

The baby booties cake was a 10 inch chocolate cake covered in fondant with fondant accents. I truly enjoyed making the booties out...

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