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On this page, we have listed all of the cake decorating contest winners to date. We have placed them all here so that you can easily bookmark this page and come back to it each month to see the new winner(s) for each month. Make sure you also like this page on Facebook to keep up with the announcements as they happen. This page will be updated each month with the new winning entry(s)!


Graduation Cap Cake
Submitted by Mildred Delgado (Milledgeville, Georgia)

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January-February 2013

Octopus Cake
Submitted by Susan Shearer (Hollister, CA)

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December 2012

Smurf's Christmas Cake
Submitted by Alda Cota (Hamilton, Ontario Canada)

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November 2012

Overflowing Flowers Hat Box Cake
Submitted by Pat Moniz (Somerset, MA)

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September-October 2012

A Gift From Heaven Angel Cake
Submitted by Alda Cota (Hamilton, Ontario Canada)

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August 2012

Unicorn 3D Birthday Cake
Submitted by Trinity Wood (Russellvile, Arkansas)

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June & July 2012

Poochy The Doggie Cake
Submitted by Mildred Delgado (Milledgeville, Georgia)

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April & May 2012

Smurf House Cake
Submitted by Eman Banat (Kuwait)

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March 2012

Spring Flowers Birthday Cake
Submitted by Jenn Mancini (Huntington Beach, CA)

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February 2012

Treasure Chest Cake
Submitted by Sugar Mama (Shawndra) (Orlando, FL, USA)

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January 2012

Superhero Birthday Cake
Submitted by by Kerri Garland (Manassas, VA, USA)

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December 2011

Happy Santa Christmas Cake
Submitted by Michelle Rossouw (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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November 2011

Companion Cube Cake
Submitted by Tonya Parks, Theodore, AL USA

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October 2011

Casino Night Cake
Submitted by Shawndra Manning of Litchfield Park, AZ, USA

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September 2011

Airplane Adventure Cake
Submitted by Jennifer Vidal from Fontana, CA

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August 2011

Kissing Ulua's Ocean Cake
Submitted by Gayla (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii)

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Designer Bag Birthday Cake
Submitted by Julian Harris (Durban, KZN, South Africa)

Winners of Previous Contests that have been held:

Contest that ended March 31,2010:

First Place Winner:  Down on the Farm Cake by Natasha Vaughn of Elegant Celebrations in Tennessee

Second Place Winner: Cat Cake by Gail Taylor of Taylormade Cakes in Halifax Nova Scotia

Third Place Winner: Jack Russell Puppy Cake by Tania Riley of Cape Town, South Africa

Winner of Best Cake Description: Hamburger and Fries Cake by Donna Windham of Ashford, AL

Winner of the Best Wedding Cake, Anniversary Cake, Bridal Shower Cake or Groom's Cake: Quilted White two Tiered Wedding Cake With Bow by Jennifer Keefer of Pittsburgh, PA

Winners of our First Cake Decorating Contest in 2008:

The third place winner was: Cheryl Swenson from Tennessee for her cake submission Days of Summer Cabin Cake

The second place winner was: Natasha Vaughn from Tennessee for her cake submission Spongebob and Friends Cake

The First place winner was: Deborah Godfrey from Alabama for her cake submission Beach Inspired Wedding Cake

And, finally, the winner of the best description/directions was: Yasmeen Shariff from Malaysia for her very complete description and directions for her cake submission Daisy Daisy Wedding Cupcake

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