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It is no easy task to catagorize so many birthday cakes, but we have done the best we can. If you can't find a cake you are looking for in the catgory you think it would be in, try using the search box in the header.

All of the Main Cake Categories:

Kids Birthday Cakes Kids Birthday Cakes

This is our most popular category. We have so many kids cakes that we had to determine a way to split them up. So we split all of the Character cakes into their own category. The cakes that are in this category are all kids cakes that are not character cakes. Here you will find cakes such as horses, frogs, dump trucks and butterflies just to name a few.

Childrens Birthday Cakes Character Cakes

This category contains all of our children's cakes that are characters. It has cakes of all the popular characters that kids love as well as some rare and hard to find ones.

Adult Birthday Cake Adult Cakes

Here is where you will find the cakes that were made for adults' birthdays'. Some of these cakes are very traditional, but some are unique and fun!

Baby Shower Cakes Baby Shower Cakes

Here you will find all of our baby shower cakes as well as other types of baby cakes such as those for baptisms and first birthdays.

Sports Birthday Cake Designs Sports Birthday Cake Designs

Here you will find sports related cake designs. There are cakes in this category for just about any sport you can think of. These cakes are sure to please any sports fan.

Unique Birthday Cake Ideas Unique Birthday Cake Ideas

These unique cakes are cakes that didn't exactly fit into any other category because they were so different and unique. Make sure you check out these great cake ideas.

Holiday Cake Designs Holiday Cake Designs

These holiday cake designs are sure to add that special touch to any holiday. There are cakes for many different holidays here and they are all very festive.

Special Occasion Cake Decoraton Special Occasion Cake Decoration

These cakes are for special occasions such as graduations, first holy communions, retirements, anniversaries and other special events.

Wedding Cakes Wedding Cakes

This category of wedding cakes was created on this site because we were receiving a lot of submissions from our visitors that were wedding cakes and definitly needed to be shared because they were so spectacular. We eventually started another site to showcase wedding cakes called Wedding Cakes Connection.

Graduation Cakes Graduation Cakes

There are some stunning graduation cakes that have been submitted over the years. Browse through these cakes and see how they were made. If you need graduation party favors, these graduation candy wrappers come in many designs and are sure to be the hit of any party.

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