Childrens Birthday Cakes - Character Cakes

We have so many childrens birthday cakes that our kids section was getting too big. Therefore, we have split it up and created this new section of character cakes.

These kids birthday cakes incude all of children's favorite cartoon and kid's show characters. We still have the Kids Birthday Cakes section with all of the other childrens birthday cakes that are not famous characters.

3D Baby Milo Cake 3D Baby Milo Cake

The 3D Milo is made of cake where I baked a loaf of cake and shape it. Then I frosted with buttercream, chilled for an hour then...

Abby Cadabby Cake Abby Cadabby Cake

This Abby Cadabby Cake is the most adorable cake to make for any little girl who loves Abby Cadabby. This cuet cake will be the highlight of the party.

ACE Batman & Krypto Superman Cake ACE Batman & Krypto Superman Cake

Ok - I admit I had never heard of either of these characters ACE & Krypto when I was first asked to make this cake. BUT, I found a...

Alice in Wonderland Cake Alice in Wonderland Cake

The bottom cake of this Alice in Wonderland cake is chocolate chocolate chip with buttercream filling, carved in the shape of the...

Ariel Cake Ariel Cake

This Ariel Cake is a lovely cake for any girl who enjoys Ariel. Also, anyone who likes any of the Disney Princesses will love this cake.

Baby Bop 

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Baby Bop Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Find out how to make this Baby Bop dinosaur birthday cake and others.Includes pictures and directions for making several Easter cakes.

Backyardigans Cake! Backyardigans Cake!

For this Backyardigan's cake, I made three 9 round cakes. Two are left whole and stacked and one is cut in half and stacked behind...

Backyardigan's Uniqua Cake Backyardigan's Uniqua Cake

To make this cake as shown, you will need: Aluminum foil 14x20 piece of cardboard 3 boxes of cake mix (your choice) 10 inch round...

Bambi Cake Bambi Cake

Get lots of birthday cake decoration ideas and easy instructions for how to make fantastic looking cakes such as this Bambi cake and many others.

Barbie Cake Barbie Cake

Includes pictures and easy to follow instructions for making a fantastic looking Barbie cake. Also includes pictures and instructions for many other fantastic looking cakes.

Barney Birthday 

Cake Barney Birthday Cake

Find out how to make a fantastic looking Barney birthday cake. If your child loves Barney the Dinosaur, they will love having this Barney Cake.

Batman Cake Batman Cake

Includes easy instructions for making this fantastic looking Batman picture cake. This cake will go perfectly with your Batman theme party.

Batman Symbol Cake Batman Symbol Cake

This Batman Symbol Cake is a super cake to make for a batman fan. This is the perfect cake for anyone who loves superheroes.

3D Ben 10 Cake 3D Ben 10 Cake

To make this Ben 10 cake, I baked a round cake and frosted it with whipped cream. All the decorations are made of modeling...

Ben 10 Birthday Cake Ben 10 Birthday Cake

My nephew wanted a Ben 10 cake for his 6th birthday at all cost and I searched everywhere and could not get a Ben 10 baking pan so...

Ben 10 Cake Ben 10 Cake

I made this cake for my 4 year old son for his Birthday. He loves Ben 10 and was very happy that mommy made him this cake. Ben 10...

Ben 10 Cake and Alien Cupcakes Ben 10 Cake and Alien Cupcakes

This cake was my first ever attempt at cake making. My son is a big BEN 10 fan and looking at the prices of shop bought cakes I...

Ben 10 Cupcake Cake Ben 10 Cupcake Cake

I made this cake with 20 cupcakes and then decorated them with my homemade frosting. My son took it to kindergarten and shared it...

Ben Ten Cake Ben Ten Cake

This Ben Ten Cake is a magnificent cake to make for any Ben Ten fan. Also, anyone who likes aliens will love this cake.

Homemade Ben 10 Cake Homemade Ben 10 Cake

Homemade Ben 10 Cake My son wanted a Ben 10 cake for his 6th birthday party so I made this Omnitrix cake with Ben 10 and some of...

Don't Forget the Childrens Birthday Cakes that aren't Characters!

There are lots of childrens birthday cakes in the Kids Birthday Cakes section as well. There are lots of horses, frogs, construction sites, vehicles and animal cakes in there. They are all kids birthday cakes that aren't characters. So make sure you check them out as well.

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