Disney Princess Cakes

Capture the magic of Disney by making one of these Disney princess cakes for your little princess' next birthday party. Whether she loves Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Snow White or Cinderella, you are sure to find the perfect cake that you can make especially for her! If you are looking for princess cakes or princess themed cakes that are not the Disney princesses, don't worry we have lots of those too. You can find lots of princess cakes that are not specifically Disney themed cakes.

Ariel Cake Ariel Cake

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. With icing filled bag and tip #5 draw Ariel on the cace top. Cut the cake away from the shape. You will be using the round tip#5 to do all the outline work and the star tip #16 to do all the fill in work...

Cinderella Birthday Cake Cinderella Birthday Cake

I used a Wilton Cinderella pan for this Cinderella birthday cake. First, I prepared one cake mix and baked it according to the directions. Next, I let it cool completely before..

Cinderella Cake Cinderella Cake

The staircase and tower are styrofoam covered with fondant. Rice krispies treats could be used and cut to shape. The carrage is a styrofoam ball shaped like a pumpkin covered in gumpaste and pearls...

Cinderella-Cakes Cinderella-Cakes

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. With an icing filled bag and round tip, size #5, draw Cinderella on your cake. Cut the cake away around your drawing. ..

Cinderella Carriage Birthday Cake Cinderella Carriage Birthday Cake

The sheet cake was ordered from my local grocery store. My Aunt made the carriage cake by using a pumpkin shaped pan and set on top of the sheet cake...

Disney Princess Belle Cake Disney Princess Belle Cake

This Disney Princess Belle cake was made with one pyrex bowl dish, one 8 inch pan, and one 10 inch pan and then carved. Each cake was white cake filled with rasberry lemonade filling and buttercream ...

Disney Princess Cake Disney Princess Cake

Ice the sheet cake with white icing using a cake spatula and making sure the surface is smooth...

Disney Princess Castle Cake Disney Princess Castle Cake

I made this cake for my 5 year old neice, she wanted a castle cake, so I made my 1st attempt at it. It was made from 3 towers made from swiss roles and ice cream cones drenched into...

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

To make this Little Mermaid birthday cake, I prepared and lined a 12x16x3 inch pan and an 8 inch round pan..

Little Mermaid on the Rock Cake Little Mermaid on the Rock Cake

This Little Mermaid cake was made especially for a 5 years old girl. She loves Little Mermard and wanted the theme for her...

Princess Belle 4th Birthday Cake Princess Belle 4th Birthday Cake

I made this Princess Belle cake for a daughter of one of my friends who just turned 4 on 27.01.2010. The cake has been made with a pyrex bowl

Princess Belle Birthday Cake Princess Belle Birthday Cake

For this princess Belle birthday cake, I used the chocolate transfer design method which most of our local professional cake decorators use. First, print out your design to the size...

Princess Belle Cake Princess Belle Cake

To make this princess cake, the most important part is a round pyrex bowl. You have to make one cake layer in this bowl in order to have the rounded...

Princess Belle Cakes Princess Belle Cakes

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. With an icing filled bag and tip #5 draw Belle on the cake top. Cut the cake away from the shape...

Princess Jasmine Cake Princess Jasmine Cake

This princess Jasmine cake was made for my grandaughter Jazmine. It is a white cake with strawberry filling, iced with a mocha whip cream...

Princess Tiana and the Frog Cake Princess Tiana and the Frog Cake

The Princess Tiana and The Frog cake was a two (2) tier vanilla and chocolate cake with fondant accents. The Princess Tiana...

Princess Cakes Sleeping Beauty Cake

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. With white buttercream icing and round tip, size #5, draw Sleeping Beauty on the cake referring to the above picture...

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Cake Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Cake

Bake a bowl cake, 8" round cake and a 14" round cake for the base. Cream the bowl cake and 8" round cake to make the skirt...

Snow White Birthday Cake Snow White Birthday Cake

A birthday cake for a little girl who really love Snow White. This cake is made up of 24" round chocolate cake and fondant for the top...

The Little Mermaid Cake The Little Mermaid Cake

This Little Mermaid cake is fun and challenging to create This cake uses fresh cream only. I have baked 2 cakes, one a 10" square...

The Little Mermaid Cake The Little Mermaid Cake

My friend was having a beach party and asked me if I could do her a cake, so I decided to do her an Ariel cake. I used 2 lamington cake...

You can see lots of other princess and castle cakes here.

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