Ariel and Jasmine Disney Princess Cake

Easy directions for making this Disney princess cake:

Ice the sheet cake with white icing using a cake spatula and making sure the surface is smooth.

Let it set about 20 minutes. Use the parchment paper transfer method to put princess Ariel and Princess Jasmine's pictures on the cake top.

Using a food color spary (also known as color mist), spray the background around Ariel and Jasmine. Let it dry before you continue.

You will be using star tip, size #16 to do all of the fill in work and round tip, size #5 for all of the outline work.

disney princess cakeBake a sheet cake the size that you need for your Disney princess cake.

The first thing you will fill in is the whites of their eyes. Do the pupils next. Jasmine's are brown with black centers and Ariel's are blue with black centers.

Next, with the star tip, fill in their mouths with red icing with Ariel's mouth having a white center.

Make a light brown icing and use your round tip and outline the face, neck and shoulder areas.

Make sure you do the nose on both of them and on Ariel, the small cheek smile line and her eyebrows. 

Make a flesh colored icing by adding flesh food coloring gel paste or if you cannot find this, add a little at time of orange and red food coloring to white icing. Fill in the face, neck and shoulder areas.

On Jasmine, fill in her earrings with light yellow and golden yellow. Fill in her necklace with light yellow and outline it in golden yellow. Also, fill in around the blue jewel on her headband.

Make a blue icing and fill in her head band and her jewel, the band in her long pony tail and her dress With white icing and the round tip, place a highlight dot on the top center of the jewel.

Now take black icing and round tip, size #5 and outline all of the hair and also her eyebrows. Using the same black icing and the star tip, fill in her black hair.

To finish Ariel, make a red icing. To some of the red icing add a small touch of black food coloring. Use this darker shade of red and the round tip to outline all of her hair. 

Change the tip to the star tip and fill in all the shaded areas of her hair with red.

Make a purple icing and use the round tip and outline the shell pattern on the top of her dress. Change the tip to the star tip and fill in the top of her dress.

Now use your black icing again and round tip and outline the eyes on both of them making sure to add the eyelashes.

Now take your white icing and star tip, size #18 and make a shell border around the top edge of the birthday cake and the bottom edge of the sides of the Disney princess cake.

This princess cake features Princess Ariel and Princess Jasmine on the top of the cake. Here is a Disney Princess Cake that features three other Disney princesses.

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