Power Rangers and Transformers

In this category you can learn how to make power rangers and transformers cakes. Your little power ranger will love the creativity you put into making his very own cake.

Blue Power Ranger Cake Blue Power Ranger Cake

For this blue power ranger cake, I used a Wilton cake pan and decorating tips for this cake. It was pretty easy to use the star tip to follow the lines on the cake...

Bumblebee Transformer 2D Cake Bumblebee Transformer 2D Cake

To make this transformer cake, I made 2 9x13 Chocolate cakes and filled them with chocolate confetti filling. I iced it with vanilla buttercream icing. I made an icing image...

Kevin's X-Wing Fighter Cake Kevin's X-Wing Fighter Cake

This bumble bee transformer cake is made for a 8 years old boy who is a big fan of bumblebee. The frosting if whipping cream and I used chocolate to...

Optimus Prime Transformer Cake Optimus Prime Transformer Cake

I made this Optimus Prime Transformer cake for my grandson's birthday. It is a 12x19 (doubled)chocolate/vanilla cake filled with one layer of peach mousse and one...

How To Make a Power Ranger Cake How To Make a Power Ranger Cake

Bake a sheet cake the size that you will need. Cut 1/8 inch deep line down the center of the cake width wise...

Transformer Cake Transformer Cake

My Son wanted a transformer on his birthday cake and I didn't know if I could draw that one, but I did it somehow THANK GOD he was so happy. I wonder what he wants...

Transformer Cake Transformer Cake

I work with Italian Merengue. Fired made with red, and yellow icing put one at the time in the icing bag, so when they come out it has that blending color or red orange...

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