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For everyone at home submitting your amazing childrens birthday cakes and ideas: FANTASTIC JOB! We at Easy Birthday Cakes have now made it easier than ever to help you find that perfect Character Birthday Cake you are searching for. With tons and tons of original ideas and recipes to choose from, you can't go wrong with the 10 pages of childrens birthday cakes and character cake ideas for the perfect bithday cake. Make sure you also check out the newly updated and redone Kids Birthday Cakes section has a huge selection of perfect childrens birthday cake ideas for the little one in your life.

Stewie (Family Guy) Cake Stewie (Family Guy) Cake

For this Stewie from Family Guy cake, I used regular, white cake mix, in sheet pans. For the head of the cake, I used a casserole...

Strawberry Shortcake Cake Strawberry Shortcake Cake

Includes pictures and instructions for making a fantastic looking Strawberry Shortcake cake.

Super Mario Birthday Cake Super Mario Birthday Cake

I started making this Super Mario birthday cake by baking the cake using a Betty Crocker Marble cake mix using a 13X9 cake pan. I...

Super Mario World Cake Super Mario World Cake

This Super Mario World cake was made for a friend of a friends son's birthday! He is soooo into video games! I baked two 6 layers...

Paul's Tazmanian Devil Cake Paul's Tazmanian Devil Cake

For this Tazmanian Devil cake, I used the Wilton Taz cake pan and one cake mix and baked according to directions. Let cool...

Tasmanian Devil Birthday Cake Tasmanian Devil Birthday Cake

This tasmanian devil cake is made up of 8 square chocolate cake and a buttercream icing. I made this cake for my best friend when...

Teddy Bear Cake Teddy Bear Cake

To make this teddy bear cake, follow these steps: step 1 bake two 9x12 cakes. step 2 spread the white butter icing over it and give...

The Dog Birthday Cake The Dog Birthday Cake

Find out how to make this dog birthday cake. Includes pictures and easy to follow directions for making this dog cake.

The Little Mermaid Cake The Little Mermaid Cake

This Little Mermaid cake is fun and challenging to create This cake uses fresh cream only. I have baked 2 cakes, one a 10 square...

The Little Mermaid Cake The Little Mermaid Cake

My friend was having a beach party and asked me if I could do her a cake, so I decided to do her an Ariel cake. I used 2 lamington...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

The very hungry caterpillar cake is made out of to see a larger picture of this fun cake.

Theodore Tugboat Cake Theodore Tugboat Cake

Lots of great birthday cake decorating ideas such as this tugboat. Includes pictures and easy to follow instructions for making fantastic looking cakes.

Thomas the Tank Engine Cake Thomas the Tank Engine Cake

Find out how to make this Thomas the Tank Engine cake. Includes pictures and easy to follow instructions.

Thumbelina Cake Thumbelina Cake

This Thumbelina Cake is a cute cake to make for any girl who loves Thumbelina or fairy tales. Your special girl will be enchanted with this lovely cake.

Ethan's Tigger Cake Ethan's Tigger Cake

I used a shaped Tigger cake pan I found at a yard sale. It took one cake mix. I used buttercream in orange, black. white, yellow...

Tinkerbell Cake Tinkerbell Cake

Find out exactly how this fantastic looking Tinkerbell cake was made. Follow the easy instructions to make this cake.

Tinkerbell Cakes Tinkerbell Cakes

Tinkerbell Cakes are adorable cakes for any girl who loves Tinkerbell. Also anyone who is a fan of fairies will be thrilled with this cake.

Tom & Jerry Cake Tom & Jerry Cake

This cake was made for a group of children staying a orphanage home in Kuching. For the design, I used the chocolate transfer...

Tow Mater Birthday Cakes Tow Mater Birthday Cakes

Find out how to make Tow Mater birthday cakes from the movie.

Tow Mater Cake Tow Mater Cake

For this Tow Mater cake, I used two bread pans and two boxes of cake mix. I took the cake mix and mixed everything up that it...

If a famous character is not on the menu, try any of our other amazing childrens birthday cake ideas for your child.

Search the Kids Birthday Cakes section for the right cake choice for you. We promise that you won't be disappointed with our awesome cakes on display!

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