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Not only are you on page 5 of these adorable Childrens Birthday Cakes, but you're only half way done with looking at our fabulous selection! If you haven't found what you love just yet, there are tons of more options, and all simple to make if you aren't a professional baker. Along with the adorable and recognizable character cakes from the shows your kids watch over and over, we have a Kids Birthday Cakes section that houses other creative cakes that are not a specific character but still just as perfect for a childrens birthday cake.

Indiana Jones Cake Indiana Jones Cake

This Indiana Jones cake was for my youngest son, since Indiana Jones is his favorite character, we just had to do a cake shaped...

Jeff Dunham Peanut Cake Jeff Dunham Peanut Cake

This Jeff Dunham Peanut cake was made for my son's 11th birthday. I used a family chocolate cake recipe for this particular cake...

John Deere on the Farm Cake John Deere on the Farm Cake

To make this John Deere on the farm cake, I used a sheet cake and frosted it using buttercream on 1/2 (diagonally) and 1/2...

Jonah's Whale Cake Jonah's Whale Cake

This Nick Jr. tree house cake was my own creation... Everything sculpted by hand (no molds). The tree house is made of modeling...

Justice League Characters Cake Justice League Characters Cake

Find out how to make this Justice League characters cake. Includes pictures and easy to follow instructions.

Kermit the Frog Cake Kermit the Frog Cake

Decorating birthday cakes is easy with these pictures and directions. Find pictures and directions for this Kermit the frog cake and many others.

Damien's Kung Fu Panda Cake Damien's Kung Fu Panda Cake

This Kung Fu Panda cake is for my grandson who loves Kung-fu-panda. I used 2 cake mixes but only 6 cups + 2/3 of a cup in the...

Kung Fu Panda Cake Kung Fu Panda Cake

This Nick Jr. tree house cake was my own creation... Everything sculpted by hand (no molds). The tree house is made of modeling...

Lego Batman Cake Lego Batman Cake

This Lego Batman Cake is an awesome cake to make for any batman, superhero or lego fan. Also, anyone who loves video games will love this cake.

Lightning McQueen Cake Lightning McQueen Cake

Find out how to make this Lightning McQueen cake from Disney’s Cars movie. Includes pictures and easy to follow instructions.

Little Einsteins Rocket Cake Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

For this Little Einsteins rocket cake, I used a Pyrex bowl for the top, a regular 9 in round pan for the bottom, and a 9x13 pan for...

Little Einstein's Rocket Cake Little Einstein's Rocket Cake

I started this Little Einstein's rocket cake by baking and icing the blue 9 inch round cake base. Next, I placed an oval cake on...

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

To make this Little Mermaid birthday cake, I prepared and lined a 12x16x3 inch pan and an 8 inch round pan. . 5cups sifted...

Little Mermaid on the Rock Cake Little Mermaid on the Rock Cake

This Little Mermaid cake was made especially for a 5 years old girl. She loves Little Mermard and wanted the theme for her home...

Madagascar Cake Madagascar Cake

This cake is a regular pound cake with Brandy and coffee syrup. It was decorate with butter cream with almond flavor. The motive of...

Mario Birthday Cake Mario Birthday Cake

For this Mario birthday cake, I made an 8 inch all butter madeira cake, split it and filled it with vanilla buttercream and jam....

Mario Brothers Birthday Cake Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

The bottom cake of this Mario Brothers birthday cake is two stacked 9 inch rounds covered in buttercream and decorated with hand...

Marvin the Martian Cake Marvin the Martian Cake

I surprised my husband Chris with this Marvin the Martian cake for his 35th birthday! My husband has always been a fan of this...

Max Birthday Cake Max Birthday Cake

My daughter Elena absolutely loves Max and Ruby. She's watched the same episodes literally HUNDREDS of times on DVD! So when it...

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

This adorable Mickey Mouse Birthday cake will delight your guests. With pictures and easy to follow instructions, you can easily make this cake.

There are also tons of childrens birthday cakes that are not characters!

The Kids Birthday Cakes section has a large selection of cute cakes, so check out as many as you want!

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