How to Make this Lightning McQueen Cake

Easy directions for making this Lightning McQueen Cake:

Make a sheet cake the size that you will need. With an icing filled bag and round tip, size #5, draw the Lightning McQueen on the cake top. Cut the cake from around the shape.

This cake has a lot of detail so I did it one section at a time.

Lightning McQueen Cake First fill in the white area of the windshield using the star tip, size #16. You will use this size tip for all the fill in work and the round tip, size #5 for all outline work unless otherwise specified.

Fill in the eyes with blue with black in the center and outline the eyes in black.

Next do the mouth. Use white icing for the teeth and fill in with black in the center of the mouth.

Next do the lightning on the side of the car. First fill in the lightning using yellow icing.

Next do the 95 in orange with the very top yellow.

Now use orange icing (this one time, you will use the round tip, size #3 to do the criss cross lines on the back part of the lightning). All other outline work you will use the round tip, siz3e #5.

The side windows are done in black with white shading.

Now fill in the headlights using orange for the light and the #95. Fill in the headlight with white adding a small dab of black between the orange light and dj#95. This represents another light.

Next do the tires in black, also both wheel wells and the center circles on the tire center.

Make red icing. Before filling in all the red areas, use the round tip and draw the line for the hood using red icing.

Now fill in all the areas of red on the car.

With white icing and the round tip, do the outline work around the lightning and the #95 on the side of the car.

Now write lightyear on the front tire and place a white dot on the top of the black pupil of the eyes.

Also, do the four bolts inside the hood line.

With blue icing do the lines on the side of the race car and the arrow.

Now do all the outline work in black. Use the picture of the Lightning McQueen cake for reference when needed to make sure you outline all of the black areas.

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