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We have such a fun selection of childrens birthday cakes for you to browse through and try out for your party. Since we keep trying out new ideas, and you at home continue to send your delicious creations for millions on the web to try, we have expanded our site and made it easier to view and experiment with the childrens birthday cake recipes! There are plenty of pages of fun in the Character Birthday Cakes section, so keep looking for your future masterpiece! We have all of the adorable and recognizable character cakes from the shows your kids watch over and over as well as a Kids Birthday Cakes section with tons of other ideas for your child's next birthday bash.

Mickey Mouse Cake Mickey Mouse Cake

Find out how to make this Mickey Mouse cake. Includes pictures and easy instruction for making this Mickey Mouse birthday cake.

Mickey Mouse Cakes Mickey Mouse Theme Cake

Find out how to make Mickey Mouse cakes. Includes pictures and easy instructions for making this mickey mouse birthday cake and others.

Minnie Mouse Cake Minnie Mouse Cake

Includes a Minnie Mouse cake picture and easy to follow instructions for making this cake as well as many others.

Minnie Mouse Cake Goes Yellow Minnie Mouse Cake Goes Yellow

I made this Minnie Mouse cake for my granddaughter. I used the registered Minnie Mouse Cake Pan. It's a chocolate cake filled with...

Minnie Mouse Theme Cake Minnie Mouse Theme Cake

These Minnie Mouse Cakes are a cute cake for any little girl who likes Minnie Mouse. If she's a Disney fan, this is definitely the perfect birthday cake.

Monsters vs Aliens Cake Monsters vs Aliens Cake

This Monsters vs Aliens Cake is a fun cake to make for anyone who loves the Monster vs Aliens characters or movie. It is an easy cake to make and your child will be delighted with this awesome cake.

Muppets Beaker Cake Muppets Beaker Cake

Includes pictures and instructions for making a fantastic looking Muppets Beaker cake.

My Doggie Cake My Doggie Cake

This my doggie cake is perfect for a child's birthday. It is easy to make and includes pictures and instructions for making this adorable cake.

Nick Jr. Tree House Cake My Doggy Cake

The cake is chocolate fudge cake with chocolate butter cream filling and the icing is the same as the filling. Dog Bone 20...

Ariah's My Little Pony Cake Ariah's My Little Pony Cake

To make this My Little Pony cake, I used the pony pan and one cake mix. I covered the cake in buttercreme in different colors...

My Little Pony My Little Pony

For this My Little Pony cake, I did a frozen butter cream transfer. For best results use a butter cream recipe that is at least 1/2...

My Little Pony Birthday Cake My Little Pony Birthday Cake

To make this my little pony cake, I made two 9x13 confetti cakes and filled them with white vanilla confetti filling. I iced them...

My Little Pony Cake My Little Pony Cake

This My Little Pony cake was very easy. It is just 2 tiers, plastic ponies, and fondant flower cut-outs! The grass is made with a...

Nemo Cake Nemo Cake

Includes pictures and instructions on how to make a Nemo cake.

Nick Jr. Tree House Cake Nick Jr. Tree House Cake

This Nick Jr. tree house cake was my own creation... Everything sculpted by hand (no molds). The tree house is made of modeling...

Ninja Turtle Cake Ninja Turtle Cake

Find out how to make this Ninja Turtle Cake with these easy to follow directions. This is a great birthday cake for a teenage mutant ninja turtle fan!

Olivia the Pig Cake Olivia the Pig Cake

This Olivia The Pig Cake is a delightful cake to make for any Olivia The Pig fan. You can also make this adorable cake for anyone who loves pigs.

Optimus Prime Transformer Cake Optimus Prime Transformer Cake

I made this Optimus Prime Transformer cake for my grandson's birthday. It is a 12x19 (doubled)chocolate/vanilla cake filled with...

Pablo Backyardigans Cake Pablo Backyardigans Cake

The hat on this Pablo Backyardigans cake is a cupcake and the beak is made of yellow and red starbursts. The eyes are just white...

Pachirisu Cake Pachirisu Cake

This Pachirisu cake is great for a child's birthday. There are pictures and instructions showing you exactly how to make this great looking cake.

Panda Bear Cake Panda Bear Cake

I saw the panda that Kelly made and it was so cute, I had to try one. I have had these pans for over thirty years and used them...

Check out our awesome selection of Childrens Birthday Cakes: both of famous characters as well as cool, kid-approved ideas!.

There is a huge selection of cakes just for kids at our Kids Birthday Cakes section. From funny little animals to monster-of-all monster trucks, these cakes that are not characters will not disappoint.

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