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The Character Birthday Cakes under our Childrens Birthday Cakes are one of our most popular sections on the website. Because we have so many, and got even more submissions from all of you at home, our kids section grew too fast! Therefore, we decided to divide them up and created this new section of character cakes. Among the vast selection of cakes are favorite cartoon and kid's show characters. Don't worry, however, because we still have the Kids Birthday Cakes section with all of the other birthday cakes that are not famous characters but still fun childrens birthday cakes.

Ben 10 Theme Cake Ben 10 Theme Cake

This Ben 10 cake is an 8 inch mint mud cake with fondant covering. It has stars on wires and the figures are also made from...

Betty Boop Cake Betty Boop Cake

This Betty Boop cake is Adelle's birthday cake, this made up of fondant for the character image and a 6 round shape chocolate cake...

Big Bird Cake Big Bird Cake

Includes pictures and instructions for making an easy and fantastic looking Big Bird Cake.

Blue Power Ranger Cake Blue Power Ranger Cake

For this blue power ranger cake, I used a Wilton cake pan and decorating tips for this cake. It was pretty easy to use the star...

Blues Clues Cake Blues Clues Cake

Find out how to make dog birthday cakes such as Blues Clues and others. Includes pictures and easy to follow instructions.

Blue's House Cake Blue's House Cake

This Blue's house cake was constructed out of several yellow cakes. The hill was carved from three round cakes and then frosted...

Bob The Builder Birthday Cake Bob The Builder Birthday Cake

This was my first attempted birthday cake. It is just 2 8-inch cakes covered in pink icing which I colored myself. It is cheaper...

Bob the Builder Cake Bob the Builder Cake

This Bob The Builder birthday cake is awesome. Leanne and Cathy said We just had a lot of fun doing it!!! I'm sure this cake will...

Bob The Builder Easy Peasy 

Birthday Cake Bob The Builder Easy Peasy Birthday Cake

This was for my little boy's 2nd birthday party! I used the following recipe which makes a great firm sponge cake: Imperial 8 oz...

Bob the Builder Sheet Cake Bob the Builder Sheet Cake

To make this Bob the Builder cake, I used a slab sponge cake for the base, I froze the cake to make it easier to ice. I iced the...

Bratz Cake Bratz Cake

Find out how to make this Bratz Cake. Includes pictures and easy to follow instructions. This is a great birthday cake for a child who likes Bratz dolls.

Brawl Tranformer Cake Brawl Tranformer Cake

To make this transformer cake, I made 2 9x13 Chocolate cakes and filled them with chocolate confetti filling. I iced it with...

Bumblebee Transformer 2D Cake Bumblebee Transformer 2D Cake

This bumble bee transformer cake is made for a 8 years old boy who is a big fan of bumblebee. The frosting if whipping cream and I...

Buzz Lightyear 

Cake Buzz Lightyear Cake

Find out how to make a cartoon birthday cake such as this Buzz Lightyear cake. Includes pictures of kids birthday cakes and instructions on how to make them.

Care Bears Castle Cake Care Bears Castle Cake

the 1st and 2nd level of this Care Bears castle cake is yellow cake the top level is Rice Krispie treats. Everything is edible...

Cars Cake Cars Cake

I made this Cars cake for my son's 3rd Birthday. It was a yellow cake frosted with white buttercream and edged with white...

Cat in the Hat 

Cake Cat in the Hat Cake

Find out how to make this Cat in the Hat Cake for your child's next birthday cake. This is an absolutely stunning birthday cake and if your child likes the Cat in the Hat they are going to love this cake.

Charlie Brown Cake Charlie Brown Cake

Find out how to make many different character cakes including this Charlie Brown cake. Includes pictures and easy to follow instructions.

Charlie and Lola Cake Charlie and Lola Cake

I made the top cake of this Charlie and Lola cake and filled it with jam and cream. I iced it with roll out icing I colored green...

If a famous character is not what your child has in mind, we still have many Childrens Birthday Cakes that aren't Characters!

On the Kids Birthday Cakes section there are tons of cakes to choose from as well. From fun farm animals to beautiful flowers, there is a large variety of cakes that aren't characters. So don't pass up one of these creative childrens birthday cakes!

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