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As you probably can guess, we have fun and creative childrens birthday cakes on every page! And now the fun can continue on all 10 pages in the Childrens Birthday Cake section with all of your child's favorite characters and them some! You at home can still send in your fresh, new, and brilliant ideas, and we can put them on our totally redone page! Keep looking for your future masterpiece! We have all of the recognizable character cakes from your child's favorite shows and movies, as well as a Kids Birthday Cakes section with fantastic ideas for a fun and festive birthday cake.

Party like a Rock Star Cake Party like a Rock Star Cake

The film strips are edible images. The cake is iced in buttercream. The camera is fondant covered styrofoam. All of the other...

Patrick Cake Patrick Cake

From a large round cake pan I made this Patrick cake. First I cut out and stenciled Patrick's body and details with a toothpick...

Patrick Star Birthday Cake Patrick Star Birthday Cake

This adorable Patrick Star birthday cake from Spongebob cake is super easy to make. it will be the perfect cake for any spongebob themed birthday party.

Patrick Star Cake Patrick Star Cake

This adorable Patrick Star from Spongebob cake is fun and easy to make. Includes pictures and easy to follow instructions.

Peep Cake Peep Cake

To make this Peep and the big wide world cake, bake 1 plain butter cake in a round tin and 1 small square butter cake. I used a...

Peppa Pig Cake Peppa Pig Cake

Peppa pig is a butter cream transfer with fondant flower boarder and her wings are made out of rice paper...

Perry the Platypus Cake Perry the Platypus Cake

This Perry the Platypus Cake is an great cake to make for anyone who thinks Perry the Platypus is cool. Also, anyone who likes the Phineas and Ferb show will love this cake.

Pillsbury Doughboy Cake Pillsbury Doughboy Cake

First I have to say that this was my VERY first time making a cake! My mom is a professional cake decorator. She's made many...

Pirate Cakes- Pirates of the Carribean Pirate Cakes- Pirates of the Carribean

Find out how to make pirate cakes. Includes pictures and instructions for making this pirates of the carribean cake and other pirate birthday cakes.

Pokeman - Anime Creature Cake Pokeman - Anime Creature Cake

This cake is either a Pokeman critter or a Japanese Anime critter. I must admit that I'm not exactly sure what kind of creature...

Pokoyo and Friends Cake Pokoyo and Friends Cake

For this Pokoyo and friends cake, I baked a 10 square cake and 5 cube cake. Both were frosted with whipped cream and the rest of...

Pokoyo Cake Pokoyo Cake

I made the shape from for the head, square for body and another square to make the feet and arms. I then covered...

Pokoyo & Friends Birthday Cake Pokoyo & Friends Birthday Cake

To make this Pokoyo & Friends birthday cake, I made two square cakes. One size 10 & the other size 6. All the frosting is cream...

Pooh Bear Cake Pooh Bear Cake

Bake 1 plain round butter cake. Using colouring-in picture as a guide, outline features of face. Colour icing - yellow for face...

Pooh's Tree House Cake Pooh's Tree House Cake

This Pooh's tree house cake was made from two sheet cakes, three bunt pans, and one loaf pan. I pieced it together from some...

Power Puff Girls Birthday Cake Power Puff Girls Birthday Cake

This Power Puff Girls birthday cake was for my friends' 90's-themed birthday party. They both love the Power Puff Girls! The...

Power Ranger Cake Power Ranger Cake

Find out how to make a power ranger cake. Includes easy to follow directions and pictures for this power ranger birthday cake and many other children’s birthday cakes.

Princess Belle 4th Birthday Cake Princess Belle 4th Birthday Cake

I made this Princess Belle cake for a daughter of one of my friends who just turned 4 on 27.01.2010. The cake has been made with a...

Princess Belle Cakes Princess Belle Cakes

Princess Belle Cakes are a lovely cake to make for anyone who loves Beauty and the Beast. A Disney Princess fan will also be enchanted by this Princess Belle cake.

Princess Tiana and the Frog Cake Princess Tiana and the Frog Cake

The Princess Tiana and The Frog cake was a two (2) tier vanilla and chocolate cake with fondant accents. The Princess Tiana, the...

Puss In Boots Cake Puss In Boots Cake

I made this Puss in Boots cake for my nephew's 2nd birthday because he loves Puss from the movie Shrek. I used a round cake for the...

Don't want a famous character? No problem! We have tons of other amazing childrens birthday cakes that are sure to do the trick.

Check out the huge amount of delectable options at our Kids Birthday Cakes section. We have endless cake possibilities for you to create, as you can see from the 10 pages just about Kid's Cakes that aren't characters!.

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