How to Make a Strawberry Shortcake Cake

Easy instructions for making a Strawberry Shortcake cake:

Bake a sheet cake the size you need. Draw Strawberry Shortcake on the cake using an icing filled bag and tip #3 or #5. Use the above picture as a guide. Cut the cake around the outline until you have your shape. You can use the cut off pieces to extend the sides of the hat.

strawberry shortcake cake Using star tip #18, do strawberries on the hat using dark pink icing. Strawberry tops are three small drags done with green icing and the same size tip.

Next do bow according to the picture using green, white and dark pink icing. The center of the bow is a strawberry done in red icing with four small drags of green icing on top. Put black icing dots on the strawberry using round tip #5. Fill in the hat with lighter pink icing.

Next do the eyes using white, brown and black icing. Outline in black icing using round tip #5. Do the mouth in black and red icing according to the picture. Outline the nose with black icing. Fill in the face with flesh colored icing (small amount of orange and red gel colors added to white icing).

Next put three eyelashes on each eye at the top according to the picture using round tip #5. Hair is done with star tip #18 using brown icing with a little bit of red added to it. Starting at the bottom of the hair drag hair strands according to the picture and lift up a bit as you release the pressure on your icing bag.

Don't forget the party favors!

These Pink Heart Candy Wrappers will go perfectly with the strawberry shortcake party theme and this cake. You can personalize them however you would like. A good idea is to put the age of the birthday girl in the hearts.

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