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Tank Cake 
I baked this tank cake for my 8 year old grandson's birthday. I baked a large sheet cake plus a six inch round also. I cut the cake in half with one …

Circles Cakes 
My daughter wanted a cake with circles all over. So I made two tiered cake. The bottom one is 9 inches and the upper one is 6 inches one. The bottom one …

Diaper Bag Cake 
To make this diaper bag cake, I used a 9X13” pan. It is a double chocolate cake. I cut the cake in there layers of 4 X 3. I split them and filled them …

FirePit Pig Cake 
This is a yellow 10 “tiered cake. After the cake is baked, while in the mold, I made syrup of ½ cup water, ½ cup of sugar and 1 cup of 151 Bacardi Rum …

I Love Lucy Fondant "Drawing" Cake 
This was a 6 inch high, 8 inch round cake split into 3 layers and filled with vanilla bean buttercream. I covered it in fondant and made fondant ruffles, …

Ektelon Racquet Cake 
This cake is for Bob, my husband’s racquetball coach. To make this cake, I used 1 sheet cake pan. It is a chocolate cake; I used 4 quarts of batter. For …

Creative Pirate Ship Cake 
After researching a few ideas of what a pirate ship should look like, and what are the main key features I came up with the final list: * Sails - preprinted …

Owl Cake 
This cake was done for a 1 year old girls birthday at my church. Her mom found one similar to it online and I put my own twist on it. The cake is white …

Peacock Wedding 
This cake was made with two layers of each size cake pan - 6", 8", 10", and 12". The largest and smallest layers are lemon cake with lemon buttercream …

Overflowing Flowers Hat Box Cake 
This is one of my favorite cakes to make. Everyone absolutely loves them. It’s really not very difficult to make once you learn a trick or two. About …

Bible Birthday Cake 
This cake was made for someone's Grandma who is dedicated to her church. The base cake is (3) 11x15 yellow cakes carved to make a 2 layer cake, covered …

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