Creative Pirate Ship Cake

by Kaylee
(Sydney, Australia)

After researching a few ideas of what a pirate ship should look like, and what are the main key features I came up with the final list:

* Sails - preprinted paper sails and skewers
* Bowsprit - twix bar
* Plank - Half a kit-kat
* Treasure Chest - Left over cake filled with m'ms.
* Rudder - 3 tim tams (ice these together to give some support to the back of the boat)
* Railing - white chocolate buttons
* Canon Balls - maltesers

Biggest tips would be to work off frozen pre-made cakes and use butter icing.

I started by making 3 square cakes which were then frozen. The next step was to plan what size and shape each piece should be and how I was going to cut them out of each piece. For stability try to have the joins vertical and that the horizontal layers are in one piece where possible.

You need to have quite flat cakes, so I found it best to trim them down again whilst they are frozen (but have been out for about 5mins first). You will need to work quick as the cakes will defrost quite quickly. This is why the planning is so important. I cut the pieces and checked that they all went together as planned and then put them back in the freezer to set again.

The cake needed to be able to be transported about 25kms in the car, which was a bit of a concern but crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. For transporting purposes I took a 15L container and tipped it upside down. To aid with stability I laid a layer of butter icing down on the lid first then taking the bottom layer of the cake lay it onto the icing.

Take the Rudder (tim tams) and again ice them to the lid behind the bottom layer of the boat. From the second bottom layer I cut a slot out of the side for the plank (kit kat) this will need to run across the majority of the boat for stability. Ice in the plank and the second bottom layer making sure to pad around the rudder (tim tams) if necessary.

Continue adding the upper layers icing between each layer as you go. Cut out a hole for the bowsprit (twix) and insert at an angle far enough to stay in place.

Ice the boat (chocolate) and pipe icing around the bottom (blue to mimic water).

Take the chocolate buttons and insert them vertically around the top of the deck to look like a railing of sorts. Add some to the side of the boat to look like portholes or canons. Add some canon balls (maltesers) to the deck.

Add the sails (skewers) and any other accessories as desired.

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