Baby Cakes, Baby Shower Cakes,
and 1st Birthday Cakes

Here you will find several different types of baby cakes. There are baby shower cakes, 1st birthday cakes, and other cakes just for babies. Although the cakes in this section are especially for babies, check out our other sections to see more cakes that may fit what you are looking for.

Baby Boy Carriage Cake Baby Boy Carriage Cake

This Baby Boy Carriage Cake was buttery yellow, filled and covered with chocolate buttercream. The baby carriage was made out of...

Baby Boy Safari Themed Baby Shower Cake Baby Boy Safari Themed Baby Shower Cake

I received a call from a client to recreate a safari themed cake she saw on the internet. The cake she emailed was created in...

Baby Bump Cake Baby Bump Cake

This baby bump cake was made for a baby shower. I baked a cake in a large metal bowl for the belly. I also baked 2 small cakes in...

Baby Buttons Cake Baby Buttons Cake

This cake was created for a client that wanted a cake that included buttons for a design and lots of pink and yellow so this is...

Baby Cake Baby Cake

Bake a cake using a teddy bear cake pan. After the cake has cooled, cut half of the ears off of the bear cake ...

Baby Girl Baby Shower Cake Baby Girl Baby Shower Cake

This is my 1st baby shower cake. My friend asked me to make this cake for her cousin who gave birth to a baby girl. This is a...

Baby Sheet Cake Baby Sheet Cake

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. Divide the top of the cake into twelve squares using an icing filled bag and round tip size #5 ...

Baby Shower Cake With Blue Booties Baby Shower Cake With Blue Booties

I made 2 round cakes and iced between them with buttercream icing. I also made 2 cupcakes. I used yellow, blue and green colors...

Baby Shower Carousel Cake Baby Shower Carousel Cake

For this baby shower carousel cake, I used a 12 round pan for the bottom, and a 6 round for the top. The original cake is Wilton's...

Baby's Bottom Cake Baby's Bottom Cake

For this baby's bottom cake, I used a Ten inch round cake pan to make the bottom cake and I used half of a sports ball pan to make...

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