Baby Buttons Cake

by Baker101

Baby Buttons Cake

Baby Buttons Cake

This cake was created for a client that wanted a cake that included buttons for a design and lots of pink and yellow so this is what I came up with.

I baked 2x10"(bottom),2x 8"(middle) & 2x6"(top) White chocolate Raspberry Heaven cake. I used 3" high pans to make the cakes rise higher. This flavour is created by adding melted white chocolate and raspberry oil flavouring. This is my top selling flavour.

After I bake the cakes I always put them in the freezer for an hour or so until they are firm, this makes it easier to ice them later.

I sliced off the tops to make them level. I filled each set of cakes with White Chocolate Raspbery Buttercream. This was made by adding melted white chocolate and rasp oil flavouring to vanilla buttercream. The trick is to not add too much chocolate or your icing will become chunky and hard to work with.

Once each tier has been filled, I iced the outside of them smooth with the same buttercream I used for the filling.

The next step is to cover each tier with fondant. I used white to cover each tier and then once covered I painted the top tier with a mixture of Wilton pink gel colouring and water. The bottom tier was done the same way but with Wilton Lemon Yellow. The middle tier was left white.

Next is time to stack the cakes. I always dowel my 3 tiered cakes because it is quite a bit of weight and I wouldn't want it to collapse. I just use thick Wilton chocolate lollipop sticks for dowels, they are inexpensive and always work.

The bottom tier had 4 dowels. I insert the stick into the bottom tier and then pull it out. Where the cake residue ends on the stick that is how I know where to cut. Once I cut the stick I insert it back into the cake and it should be cut to the perfect height. Not too short and not too tall, it should be just level with the rest of the cake.
I do this three more times to this tier. I set the middle tier on top of the bottom tier making sure it is directly in the middle and then I dowel this tier the same way but only three dowels should do the trick. Set the top tier on.

Decorations: Bottom border is done with a medium leave tip. The clothesline was done by creating some poles with fondant and the lines are fondant hand rolled thin and draped along. The clothes are hand cut.

The button border on the middle tier is created with a circle cutter and then I took a #12 round tip (using the wider end) I made an imprint on the button which was slightly smaller the the circle cutter I used which created the base of the button.

Next I took a toothpick and made either 2 holes or 4 alternating as I went along. The circles along the side were created again with the #12 using the wider part of the tip. The buttlerfly cutter is made by Wilton from the spring cutters set.

I took a toothpick and painted trails after each butterfly to give the illusion of movement.

The top tier has small balls for the border. I created the butterflies just by rolling some fondant out and winding it around into the shaped of a butterfly and there are also some swirls around the side of the tier which I created with the same technique.

The buttons on the top of the cake were created the same way as the rest just a bit thicker so they could be put onto wires. The wires I used are just plain silver florist wire size 18,20 or 22 gauge found at most craft stores. I inserted the wire into the buttons and then inserted the other end into the cake, fairly simple but always makes an impression.

The figure on the top was purchased as a keepsake for the client. The letters on the cake board were cut using Wilton Alphabet cutters.

Hope you all have as much fun creating this design as I did.

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Mar 01, 2010
baby cake
by: Kelly

That is adorable!!!!!!!

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 26, 2010


Feb 26, 2010
Beautiful Baby Buttons Cake
by: Ann Neal

I love the cake and I am going to use your recipe for the White Chocolate Raspberry Buttercream icing.

Great job!

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