Baby Cakes, Baby Shower Cakes,
and 1st Birthday Cakes

Included are several different types of baby cakes. From baby shower cakes to 1st birthday cakes, all of these cakes are dedicated just to babies. Although the ones in this section are especially for babies, check out our other sections to see more cakes that may fit whatever you are looking for.

Baby's Outfit Cake Baby's Outfit Cake

This baby cake is two 14x14 butter cakes, filled with three layers of chocolate mousse, bavarian cream and strawberry jam. Both...

Baptism Cake Baptism Cake

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. Ice the sheet cake with white icing using a cake spatula and making sure the surface is nice and smooth ...

More Baptism Cakes More Baptism Cakes

Bake the cross cake in a cross pan. When it is cool, flip it onto a cake board ...

Bassinet Baby Shower Cake Bassinet Baby Shower Cake

To make this baby shower cake, I started by baking a 10 inch round cake, an 8 inch round cake and a small oval cake. A few days...

Boy Baby Shower Cake Boy Baby Shower Cake

Bake a two layer 10" square cake. Make an ivory buttercream icing . Ice the cake between the layers, then the sides, and finally the top. Make sure it is nice and smooth ...

Caitlin's Baby Block Cake Caitlin's Baby Block Cake

The cake was made in 2 layers of sponge using dowls to support the top layer and coverd in regal icing. Small squares were cut out...

Carousel Baby Shower Cake Carousel Baby Shower Cake

I have been cake decorating now for six months. This baby shower cake I made for my daughters baby shower. It is 2x 10inch sponges...

Christening Cake Christening Cake

Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. Ice the cake with white buttercream icing using a cake spatula and making sure the surface is smooth ...

Christening Cakes Christening Cakes

Bake a sheet cake the size that you will need. Ice the cake in white butter cream icing. On the sides of the cake, do the lace work with white icing and round tip, size #5 ...

Elephant Christening Cake Elephant Christening Cake

I made this Christening cake for my cousins they both had babies 12 days apart and decided to have a joint christening...

Duckling Baby Shower Cake Duckling Baby Shower Cake

This baby shower cake has 2 tiers; the bottom one is 10 and the upper one is 8 inches. It has cream cheese filling. I made the...

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