Volcano Cakes To Make

Hear the eruption of joy, not an actual volcano, when you bring out one of these Volcano cakes to the birthday table. Let your creative side take over and follow these simple directions!

Erupting Volcano Cake Erupting Volcano Cake

To make this Volcano cake, I used 2 bundt sizes, and an 18x8 inch square pan. I made "dirt" with tinted homemade butter frosting, then shaped the "mountain"...

Erupting Volcano Cake Erupting Volcano Cake

My volcano cake was made with two full round cakes, one slightly smaller than the other, and a large chocolate muffin...

Larissa's Volcano Cake Larissa's Volcano Cake

I ended up using 3 cake mixes to make this volcano cake. And I used a 9" x 13" oval pan and the wonder mold pan as well. After baking according to directions, let cool completely...

Volcano Birthday Cake - A Magnificent Birthday Cake Volcano Birthday Cake - A Magnificent Birthday Cake

Bake one round layer cake the size that you need. To bake the volcano part of the cake I used foil crumpled up and shaped like a volcano , ...

Volcano Cake for a Birthday Volcano Cake for a Birthday

I baked 3 boxes of chocolate cake mix in a large metal mixing bowl and 1 box in a smaller glass bowl. After the cakes were cooled, I turned the larger cake upside...

Volcano Cake With Waterfall Volcano Cake With Waterfall

This volcano cake is a 12x18 sheet cake with a corner cut out for the waterfall. The volcano was the mold for a dolls dress and the lava is fondant...

Volcano Cake Volcano Cake

This cake was made for a 7 year old. He loved it. I baked the cake in a large Longaberger bowl and added two mini bunt cakes for the very top. It was very easy to make...

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