Volcano Birthday Cake - Simple Instructions

Easy Instructions  for making this volcano birthday  cake:

Bake one round layer cake the size that you need. To bake the volcano part of the cake I used foil crumpled up and shaped like a volcano , then placed it in a pyrex bowl,point side down, for support. Be sure to spray the foil shape before you pour the batter in it.

Volcan Birthday Cake
First ice your round layer either in green icing or you can ice it in white icing and then spray it with the color mist food color spray. Make a tan icing and a brown icing.

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 Place the volcano in the center of the cake. Ice the volcano in the tan and brown icing, using a cake spatula and blending the two colors.

Make a darker green icing and use tip # 233 make a border of grass around the top edge of the round cake. Also make little random patches of grass on the top and around the bottom edge of the volcano.

The lava is put on using red and yellow icing and a small cake spatula. The dinosaurs are made from stickers placed on card stock, then cut out, and then laminated on both sides and pushed into the cake top around the volcano.

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