Bee Movie Cake

by Linda Lees

Bee Movie Cake

Bee Movie Cake

Here is how I made this Bee Movie Cake:

Shopping List
2 Cake mixes
3 lbs. buttercream icing
2 Sticks yellow Laffy Taffy
4 Pieces black licorice
1 Package butterscotch lifesavers
Yellow, Black and Blue paste colors
1/2 sheet cake board
Gold foil (to wrap around cake board)
Tips #4, 7, 32 and 4B

Melt lifesavers and pour onto parchment or foil in a wing shape. This will be very hot so be careful. Put aside to set. Prepare cake mixes according to directions. Bake one 6" cake and about 30 cupcakes (more or less depending on how large you want bee's body to be). Bake according to directions and cool.

Place 6" cake on prepared 1/2 sheet cake board. With knife shape the head and face. I used bits from an extra cupcake to fashion a nose. Next arrange cupcakes, I like to put a small amount of frosting on the bottom of each cupcake to secure them. Starting with the first row begin close to bottom of the 6" cake, this will form the collar. Try to pack the cupcakes as tightly together as possible. For sneakers use one cupcake cut in half from top to bottom.

Frost Bee's head with yellow butter cream (smooth). With tip #7
and black icing outline hairline around face, fill in hair and smooth with knife. Fill in inside of mouth with #7 tip and black frosting and outline eyes. Fill in whites of eyes with #7 tip and outline and fill in teeth. With #4 tip and blue icing fill in eyes.

To make the sweater begin with the collar. With #7 tip and black icing outline the first row of cupcakes which will be the collar. With #32 tip and yellow icing make a zig-zag pattern for first row of collar.

Next using same size tip and black icing make a zig-zag pattern for next row. For the 3rd row of the collar switch back to #32 tip with yellow icing. Using larger #4B tip and yellow icing make a broader zig-zag pattern across the next row of cupcakes. Continue alternating colors and tip sizes until body is complete.

Outline sneakers using #7 tip and black icing filling in details and the same for yellow details. Use #4 tip and white icing for laces . For antennas use 2 pieces of black licorice. For arms use yellow Laffy Taffy and fashion hands with #7 tip and black icing. For legs attach black licorice onto body then into sneakers, last place the wing into Bee's upper back.

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Jul 18, 2008
by: Deborah

Great details and really looks like the character from the movie ! Very cute and what fun-pull apart cupcake-cake !

Jul 16, 2008




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