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first birthday cakes

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Bake a sheet cake the size that you need. Cut out the number one shape.

To do the collage, I just took a lot of pictures of the baby, cut them out and arranged them on a rectangle shaped piece of paper that I cut to fit the center of the first birthday cake. I then laminated it on both sides with the self stick laminating sheets.

Next, ice the top of the cake with white icing using a cake spatula. Let this set completely for about twenty minutes.

Now lay the laminated collage in the center of the cake. You can use the colors you want. This cake was done in red, white and blue. 

Use star tip, size #18 to cover the cake. Cover the sides in red icing and the top in blue icing (or whatever colors you have chosen.) 

With white icing and the same size star tip, make a shell border around the collage and the bottom of the sides of the cake.

When you cut the cake, just lift off the collage starting at the corner and you will have icing underneath. To see more first birthday cakes . . .

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