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The Icing on the Cake, Issue #15 - Many New Cakes and a Coupon for You!
May 15, 2008

The Icing on the Cake, Issue #15 - Many New Cakes and a Coupon for You!

May 15, 2008

The Icing on the Cake brings you the latest additions to our cake decorating site

If you like this newsletter or like our site, please pass it on to a friend! We aim to help you make fantastic looking birthday cakes by giving you ideas, instructions and pictures of many different cakes.

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We added 11 new cakes of ours to the Easy-Birthday-Cakes website since the February newsletter was sent out and we also added a whopping 52 fantastic new cakes submitted by others and 1 new recipe that was submitted!

The eleven cakes that we have added to our site since the last newsletter are...(if your e-mail software is unable to read html, you may have to copy and paste the URL's into your address bar as many of them are too long to be clickable in this e-mail and you will receive an error page).

1. Patrick Star Cake This is a cake in the shape of Patrick Star from Spongebob. There is also a small Patrick Star cake below. See the Patrick Star Birthday Cake.

2. Small Patrick Star Cake This is a great cake if you just need a small cake and any spongebob fan is sure to be delighted by it even though it is incredibly easy to make. See the small Patrick Star cake.

3. Barnyard Birthday Cake The barnyard birthday party theme is a very popular theme and this cake is perfect for that theme. There is also already a barnyard birthday cake on the site under Kids Birthday Cakes called "Animal Cakes" that is a different style, so if you like this cake, make sure you check that one out too. See the Barnyard Birthday Cake.

4. Bee Cake This is an adorable bee cake. This cake was made for my niece's first birthday. See the Bee Cake.

5. Pachirisu Cake When I first saw this cake, I didn't know who Pachirisu was, but apparently Pachirisu is Pokemon creature and I have definitely heard of Pokemon. See the Pachirisu Cake.

6. Barbecue Sauce Bottle 50th Birthday Cake I thought this was a very creative idea for a cake. This cake is perfect if you are having a barbecue for the birthday party. See the 50th Birthday Cakes.

7. Car Cake This is not just any car cake, it is a 1968 Chevelle SS cake. Now for anyone who likes muscle cars (or has a husband who likes muscle cars) then you will be able to appreciate this cake. This was for my husband who is restoring a '68 Chevelle that will hopefully some day look as good as this cake that my Mom made for him! See the Car Birthday Cake.

8. Baby Mickey Mouse Cake This is an adorable cake of a baby Mickey Mouse. This cake is cute for a 1st birthday or even as a baby shower cake with a Mickey Mouse theme. See the Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake.

9. Orange Zest Cake This is a good idea for an adult birthday cake for any age. It is a beautiful cake and is bright and cheerful. See the Orange Zest Picture of a Birthday Cake.

10. Snowman Cake This is a little out of season here in Ohio (where we have finally started to see some nice weather), but it is a great cake of a snowman's face. See the Snowman Cake.

11. Santa Clause Cake This cake is also a bit out of season, but keep this Santa face cake in mind for next year's Christmas party! See the Santa Clause Cake.

Now for all of the fantastic cakes that have been submitted by others to the site and definitely deserve to be highlighted.

We are thrilled to have so many submissions and keep them coming. Some of you are submitting quite a few cakes and that is awesome! Every time I see that there are new new submissions, I can't wait to login and see them. There are so many talented cake decorators out there. These are all amazing cakes so make sure you check them out!

There were too many of them to list in this newsletter, so I created a new page on the site that has a link to each of the cakes, you can find it here:

See all of the recent visitor cakes here.

Make sure to leave a comment if you see a cake that particularly appeals to you!

Submit YOUR Cakes!

Keep submitting your cakes. Also, if you have a great cake recipe or icing recipe, you can submit those too. Go to the submissions directory page and pick the most appropriate category for your submission. Don't worry too much about picking the right category, we will move it if we have a better place for it.

You can create your very own page on our site featuring your cake! Please remember to add as detailed a description of how you made your cake as possible.

If you have already submitted a cake and it has not been added, it is most likely because the picture of the cake did not come through. If you are trying to submit your picture and you are getting an error message, try resizing your photo to no larger than 800 X 600 and then try uploading it again. If you are still unable to upload it, send me an e-mail at info[at sign] If you left your e-mail address, I have tried to contact you to let you know that the picture did not come through with your submission, but please make sure you have info[at sign] whitelisted, or you may not be receiving the messages. This is also the e-mail address that we use to respond to the contact form questions, so if you aren't receiving a response - make sure you whitelist that address!

Remember, once your cake is accepted and the page goes live, if you would like to be notified, we will send you an e-mail with the URL web address of your cake so that you can tell your family and friends to come and view your cake!

If you would like to submit your cake, you can Submit your cake here. Just choose the most appropriate category for your cake and click on the link and follow the directions. Remember, don't worry about picking the category, we will move it if we thing there is a more appropriate place for it. For example, if it is an Elmo cake, and you submit it to the Kids Birthday Cakes Section, we will move it to be with the other Elmo cakes.

Make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed if you want to be notified the minute new cakes are added. Otherwise, I'll give you the links to all the new cakes in the next newsletter. Until then, we hope you have a great month.

A Coupon For You!

First, unfortunately, I have to tell you that this coupon is only for our United States visitors since shipping is only within the United States.

You may have noticed that we added personalized music cds to the right hand side column of many different pages. These music cds are awesome. What they are is your child's or grandchild's or whoever's favorite characters singing to them using their name. I have these for my children and they absolutely love them. I wish you could have seen my daughter's face when she heard the Disney Princesses talking and singing directly to her using her name. It really was magical. My son has one from Mickey Mouse and he plays it all the time, dancing around the house. I have to warn you though, your children might want to play these so much that you will get tired of hearing them!

These personalized music cds bring such delight to children, they are the perfect birthday present or present for any occasion. I was amazed at the quality of them, there is no obvious insertion of the child's name or anything like that. You can listen to a sample when you visit.

The only problem is that if the child has a really unique name, then it might not be available, but you would also be surprised at just how many unique names are available, so make sure you check! If the name is available, but it is spelled differently, that is no problem as long as it sounds the same. You can note the different spelling so that the name that is actually printed on the CD itself will be spelled right.

Anyway, now on the the coupon part! Until May 31, 2008 you can order these personalized music CDs at a discount of $3 off, plus pay nothing for first class mail shipping! The free shipping alone is going to save you $7, so that is a savings of $10 off the normal price. If you are thinking about ordering one, now is the time to do it. Just enter Coupon Code EBCDISCOUNT into the Coupon Code field during checkout. This is only for The Icing on The Cake newsletter subscribers.

Go here to order your Personalized Music CDs. These are the CDs that are available:
Elmo Music CD
Princess Music CD
Barney Music CD
Wiggles Music CD
Mickey Mouse Music Cd
Veggie Tales Silly Songs Music CD
Veggie Tales Sing Along Music CD

Remember, this coupon can only be used by our United States visitors, since shipping is only within the United States. (We are sorry - we hate to have to leave anyone out!)

How to Stay Up to Date With All the New Additions. . .

Remember, there are three ways for you to stay updated with all of the new additions to our Easy Birthday Cakes site:

1. Subscribe to "The Icing on the Cake" our monthly newsletter (which chances are you have already done if you are reading this).

2. Bookmark our Easy Birthday Cakes Blog Page. This way you can visit whenever you want and you will instantly see what are the latest additions. Click here to go directly to the Cake Blog page.

3. Subscribe to our RSS feed. If you do not yet know about RSS and would like to find out more, find out more here.

Have a great month and submit your cakes!

Cristy and Cathy

143 Boardman-Canfield Road
Boardman, OH 44512

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