Recent Visitor Cakes That Have Been Added Since The Last Newsletter

Here are all of the fantastic cakes that have been submitted by others to the site since the last newsletter was sent out and definitely deserve to be highlighted.

When submitting your cake, please be sure to give as detailed descriptions of how you made the cake as you can. Some of you are already doing this and I know everyone including me really appreciates it.

Some of the cakes look awesome, but don't have a description with them. If you have submitted a cake without a description, we have still added it, but if you want to add your description - please e-mail me at info[at sign], and I will be happy to add it.

Here are all the cakes in no particular order:

1. Tinkerbell Cake
2. Over The Hill Birthday Cake
3. Poker Cake
4. Barbie Cake
5. Easter Cake
6. Easter Cake with Chocolate Bunny
7. Guitar Cake
8. Cookie Monster Cake
9. Ladybug Cake
10. Butterflies and Flowers Cake
11. Cinderella Cake
12. Baylee's Fairyland Cake
13. Julius Paul Frank Monkey 1st Birthday Cake
14. Dora the Explorer Cake
15. Shrek's Swamp Cake
16. Shrek Birthday Cake
17. Ben's Shrek Cake
18. Toy Story Cake
19. Rubber Ducky Cake
20. Rubber Ducky Tub Cake
21. 8th Wedding Anniversary Cake
22. Starry Sweet 16 Birthday Cake
23. Mother's Day Daisy Cake
24. Yummy Chocolate Cake
25. Do Not Disturb Cake
26. Belted Hip Cake
27. Jesus Praying Cake
28. Volcano Cake
29. 1950s Poodle Skirt Cake
30. Farmer Cake
31. School Bus Cake
32. Lighthouse Cake
33. Dirt Track Car Racing Cake
34. Cowboy Boots Cake
35. Sandal Cake
36. Adult Themed Cake
37. Speedy Gonzales Birthday Cake
38. Party Like a Rock Star Cake
39. My Doggy Cake
40. Animal Quilt Cake
41. Train Cake
42. Dress Up Cake
43. Makeup Bag Cake
44. Cute and Delicious 21st Birthday Cake
45. Elmo Cake
46. Zapatitos Cake
47. Old Golfer Cake
48. Sebastian's Lightning McQueen Cake
49. Flamingo Cookie
50. Bob The Builder Birthday Cake
51. Dragon Birthday Cake
52. Fairy Flower Blossom Cake

There was also 1 cake recipe submitted that has been added: Brazo De Mercedes

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cake that you have decorated that you would like to share?

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