How to Make an Elmo Cake

Easy directions for making an Elmo Cake:

Bake a two layer round cake the size that you need. Assemble the cake with white icing using a cake spatula.

Use star tip, size #32 and white icing to make the shell border on the top and bottom edge of the cake.

Elmo Cake Make a red colored icing and using star tip, size #18, make a red oval in the upper top of the cake top.

Use white icing and round tip, size #5 and pipe two eyes on the middle top edge of the oval.

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Make an orange colored icing and use star tip, size #18 to pip an elongated nose on the oval starting at the center of the eyes.

With black icing and round tip, size #5, pipe two black dots in the center of the eyes.

Next, pipe the mouth on the bottom section of the red oval.

Now take your red icing and round tip, size #5 and write the message on the cake top.

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