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Easy Icing Recipes

Easy Icing Recipes Try one of these easy and delicious icing recipes:

Buttercream Icing Recipe A delicious buttercream icing recipe that provides the best consistency for cake decorating.

Peanut Butter Icing Easy and delicious peanut butter icing recipe that tastes great with chocolate cake.

Whipped Cream Icing Whipped cream icing is a delicious tasting icing that can be used to decorate simple sheet cakes. Here you will find a delicious whipped cream icing recipe to try.

Birthday Cake Recipes

Birthday Cake Recipes Try one of these easy and delicious cake recipes:

Banana Cake Recipe This banana cake recipe is easy to make and delicious. Try using this recipe for your next birthday cake or cake for any occasion.

Cocoa Chocolate Cake Recipes Try these delicious chocolate cake recipes that are easy to make from scratch.

Strawberry Cake Recipe This is a very easy to make strawberry cake recipe that tastes delicious. This recipe can be adapted to make just about any fruit flavored cake.

Surprise Chocolate Cake Recipe This is an easy to make chocolate cake recipe with a surprise ingredient. Try this for your next birthday cake or for any occasion. It tastes great!

Tips & Techniques

Birthday Cake Design Tips & Techniques Get lots of useful birthday cake design tips and techniques that will help make your cake decorating easier.

How to Cut a Cake Find out how to cut a cake whether it is a round cake or a sheet cake. Also find out what size cake you should bake depending on how many people you need to serve.

Cake Decorating Supplies

Cake Decorating Supplies Recommended cake decorating supplies for making these fantastic looking cakes that are fun and easy to make.

Birthday Cake Pans Here is an excellent selection of birthday cake pans and all at a very reasonable price.

1st Birthday Party Supplies

Elmo Birthday Party Supplies

About/Contact Us

About/Contact Us Enter information to contact easy birthday cakes.

Site Search

Site Search Easy Birthday Cakes provides pictures and instructions for decorating fantastic looking cakes. Search to find the cake you are looking for.

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Cake Decorating Ideas Free Newsletter "The Icing on the Cake" Find cake decorating ideas, pictures and easy instructions. Subscribe to The Icing on the Cake newsletter for lots of free cake decorating ideas.

Easy Party Favors

Easy Party Favors Here are some very easy and inexpensive party favors that you can give your guests that they will love whether they are kids or adults.

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