Bag of Ruffles Potato Chips Cake

by Terri G
(Calgary, AB, Canada)

Bag of Ruffles Potato Chips Cake

Bag of Ruffles Potato Chips Cake

My best friend lists potato chips as her favorite food, so I thought she would enjoy having her cake and chips too! I got the idea from a bag of Lays chips cake I had come across on the internet.

I used a chocolate cake mix (for the sake of time)and she had specifically requested chocolate.

Next I trimmed the cake into the shape of a chip bag. Then I covered that with Marshmallow fondant (MMF) I had colored royal blue.

I shaped the cake to look a little crinkly and hollowed out the top a little so I could fit the chips in. I dyed the fondant for the labels a lighter blue (just used less royal blue) and applied to the cake. Then I wrote on the cake with white buttercream.

I thought my friend would enjoy the "O calories" as opposed to what the bag actually said, "0 trans fat". Then I wrote a Happy b-day message for her. My writing certainly needs improving, however!

For the actual potato chips, I dyed the Marshmallow Fondant with some golden yellow, lemon yellow and a little brown, then I used an oval fondant cutter to cut them out.

I then used a pastry cutter to imprint both sides (for the ripple chip effect). It worked well, but you have to do it 2X at least on each side, but not press too deep or you'll cut the chips.

I shaped the chips to look like actual chips. I put about 25 chips on top of the cake to make it appear like chips were spilling out of an open bag. Then I cut a big chip for the logo, applied it and wrote the "Ruffles" name in red buttercream.

I outlined it with white buttercream. I applied 2 potato chips on the bottom on the lower blue band (as on the actual bag of chips I used as a sample).

I achieved the stripes by painting on a mixture of royal blue, whitener, clear vanilla extract and a little glyerine. I used a artist's paintbrush. Then I outlined the cake with royal blue buttercream to hide any imperfections (I had a few from trimming the fondant too much when I applied.)

It will be tough to cut this cake!

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Nov 04, 2009
Hey Terri!
by: Jessie L

This is Jessie, the one that you got the idea from the bag of Lays chips from coolest I came across this and recognized your name! I'm so happy to see that the MMF worked out for you and the cake looks GREAT!!!

Sep 09, 2009
Potato Chip Cake
by: Betty

Great Job! Such a beautiful and colorful cake.

Sep 09, 2009
by: Nancy

That is simply darling. What a cute idea. You did a good job and such a different cake. Sometimes its hard to find an original cake. That is it, Love it keep up the work. Nancy of CA

Sep 09, 2009

Now that is awesome!!!!!!
I love that!!!!!!

You did a great job on it!!!!!! My first time making fondant was that purse cake I just submitted on here. You're right. That stuff is STICKY! lol

But you sure did a great job. I'm impressed! And I love the idea of chips!

Sep 09, 2009
Glossy chips
by: Terri

Thanks! The glossy chips weren't actually intended. It was my first time working with Marshmallow Fondant and I ended up using a lot of crisco to keep it from sticking to my hands and the board I was using - it's really sticky stuff!

Sep 09, 2009
by: Lena, Kuching Malaysia


Very pretty and so it. Wonder how you made the chips so glossy? What do you use? Thanks for sharing .

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