Camping Scene Birthday Cake

by Karen Bradley
(Watlington, Oxfordshire)

Camping Scene Birthday Cake

Camping Scene Birthday Cake

Camping Scene Birthday Cake
Pine Trees
Fondant Tent

This is a camping scene, chocolate sponge cake. I had great fun making this cake as there were so many different things to make to go onto the cake.

To start with I covered the whole cake in green fondant icing. Then I made the pine trees which were made using ice cream cones. These were covered with royal icing piped onto them using a star nozzle and then left to dry.

The tent was made out of 2 x ice cream wafers which I covered in blue fondant icing then put onto the cake in a V shape, I also made a little pillow and sleeping bag with fondant icing.

To make the camp fire I used chocolate covered honeycomb chocys for the rocks and bits of broken pretzels for the twigs. I used mini marshmallows and stuck them onto tooth picks and placed them around the camp fire.

All the bugs that you see around the cake are jelly beans which I then piped icing onto them to make into bees and lady birds.

To complete the cake I piped icing around the edges and in various other places on the cake to make it look like grass, using the star tip again.

This is a great looking cake, check out my website for more fantastic ideas for your special occasion.

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