Color Lily Loveliness

by Amy Manes
(Springfield IL USA)

Colour Lily Loveliness

Colour Lily Loveliness

This cake was made for the pastor and his wife for there anniversary. I baked off two four inch rounds, two six inch rounds, and two eight inch rounds. Let them cool then wrap in plastic wrap. Put them in the freezer overnight(makes it a lot easier to ice with butter cream).

I then made up about ten cups of butter cream icing. I stacked the double layers, putting icing in between the layers. Then put on a base coat, let that set a bit (so the icing is easier to smooth out).

Using my spatula, I smooth the icing all out.
I used dowel rods and put them into each of the double layers,so the cake would have good support.
Then using the cake pedestals I stacked them.

To make the color lilies, I used gum paste(start a few days before so they have time to harden).
I used floral wire and formed a yellow cone shape around the wire.

Then I formed the lilies by rolling out the gum paste into a semi triangular shape. Then wrapped around the yellow cone shape. I used my fingers and gently pulled the sides down.

Using a toothpick I made tiny lines coming out from the center of the lily to about then end before the bend.

I hung them upside down and let them dry. The leaves wear formed by rolling out the gumpaste and making the shape of a long triangle. Then inserted the wire in the center, used a toothpick to form the lines.

When ready to put on the cake I put the arrangement together and made the bouquet.

Next I added the seashell border and used candy peppermint balls to make the swag.

I topped it off with a set of bells that I perched and spray panted white. I personalized them by writing their anniversary date on the bells. Finally, I added a ribbon.

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Jun 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

I tried to post 2 photos but i guess i didnt do it rite.The only one that showed up is the close up one...hhmmm does any one know how to post more then one photo?

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