Construction Site Birthday Cake

by Taryn Baker

Construction Site Cake

Construction Site Cake

I made this construction site cake for my son's Construction Themed 4th Birthday Party. Which can be seen on my blog:(

First I made two large, round, chocolate cakes. (the recipe I used is the same one I use to make vanilla and chocolate cupcakes). Then once the cakes had cooled down I placed them in the fridge for an hour as I always find it is easy to ice a cake when its firmer.

Then I made a chocolate butter cream icing. I started by doing a "crumb coat" of icing on both cakes and then I sandwiched the cakes together and placed them on a piece of cut out board, which I had covered in silver tin foil. I then did another layer of icing over the now "two layered cake" and placed it in the fridge for another hour. Then I did a third layer of icing just to make sure the cakes were totally covered.

Then came the best part of putting the cake together (and my son would totally agree). I took a fork and just "dug" out an entire chunk of the cake (and of course my son thoroughly enjoyed eating that chunk of cake). Then I placed chocolate "rocks" all around the cake as well as on top of the cake and inside the "hole". I also used a bulldozer and some "construction" signs.

Then to finish it off I placed "the work crew" onto the cake, which also happened to be the candles.

Another favorite detail of mine was the knife we used to cut the cake, it was a saw shaped knife. Everyone really enjoyed all the little details I added.

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