Cupcake Cake

by Hannah

Cupcake Cake

Cupcake Cake

Directions for making this cupcake cake:

1. Start with a basic cake recipe. You'll need two pans, a regular circular pan and a barbie skirt pan. Both of these can vary in size depending on the size of the other cake.

2. Once you have baked both of the cakes in whatever flavor you choose, take the barbie cake. Set the cake on its base (the bigger end) and cut all the way through the cake about half way up.

3. Take the larger piece and flip it over. This will by the base of the cupcake.

4. Now, this step can be skipped if need be, but I chose to put stakes through the bottom of the cake. Wooden dowel rods work well. This will just give the base more support.

5. Then, you take the round cake that you baked and stack it on top of the base. Take the piece that you cut off from the barbie pan cake and set it on top of the round cake. Now, carve down the top two layers so that it is rounded like the top of a cupcake.

6. Now to decorate. For the bottom, apply a thin layer of frosting, and then use fondant or marzipan in a desired color to wrap around the bottom layer of the cake, like the wrapping on a cupcake. For effect, before you wrap it, gently press a dowel rod into it a bunch of times to look like the zig zaggy cupcake paper.

8. On the top, take a bunch of frosting, in desired color, and spread it completely over the top. Spread it around so that it looks like a fluffy cupcake.

9. For some last touches, I added rainbow sprinkles to the top, and I dyed some marzipan red and made formed it into a cherry. (I used brown plastic coated electrical wire for the stem of the cherry.

I hope you had fun making my cake!

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Oct 28, 2009

This is very cool!!!!!! Such a great job!!!!!!

Oct 24, 2009
Good Job
by: Mildred

I love this cake. Everybody will love to have a cake like that. Good Job

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