DJ Cake

by Natalie



Hey guys, you okay? *what's it got to do with you? Shove off!* So here's the deal, a DJ cake is simple to make- all you have to do is be creative and believe in your creation! Is that a deal?! *agreed!*

First you need an array of colored icing, anything from black and white to green and pink! *hurry up already!* Then choose your favorite sponge recipe, it can be vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee... It can be anything to your heart’s content! *Just pick something already!*

Once you have your perfectly baked, cooled cake, it's time to start to get our hands dirty! *finally!* Roll out some plain white icing to cover the top of the cake, then either buy the posh ready-colored icing, *ohh la la* or get your hands dirty dying white icing! *go on! You know you wanna!* I went for the dirty method *no sniggering back there!*

Cut strips of colored icing and use your already made, *because you're sooo cleaver* butter icing and stick it to the side of the cake, in alternating colors.

Cut out large circles of black icing, then smaller circles of red icing to make the records and place the smaller circles on top of the larger circles *you still listening back there?!*

To make the pins for the records, roll out sausages and cut out squares and triangles and stick them together with icing! *use your imagination and get creative! Lazy buggers!*

Now to make the little man, I like to call him Paul! *it's a sad life isn't it?!* Get creative when making him! Draw on his face and give him some headphones and an iPod! *he deserves the best you know!* If he doesn't want to sit up *lazy bugger* then put a cocktail stick through his back *ouch!* and put him in the fridge for a bit, he'll soon harden! *What you laughing at?!* When he's hard, place him on the cake and use another cocktail stick to keep him on the cake *torturous people!*

Draw some musical notes onto your cake and voila! *show off!* I told you that you could do it if you believed in yourself! *simplzzzz eh?!*

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