Eagles Cake

by Jere
(Chambersburg, PA)

Go Eagles!

Go Eagles!

For this Eagles cake I used a Wilton Football Helmet Cake Pan. I had to find and print out an Eagles shape of the eagle wing for the helmet - using online sites - I was able to find a side view.

After printing out the wing, I cut out the inside wave of the wing (my dark green inside section) - but make sure that you leave the top of the white and gray sections intact (the outside wing and the center part of the wing).

I used toothpicks to keep the wing in place on my cake while I decorated around it. First I mixed leaf green tint with white decorators icing - to make sure that I got the right color of green - I let the icing sit approx.

10 minutes after mixing - as the icing colors will get darker the longer that they sit. Once I was sure that I had the right color of green, I used the green icing and covered the outside of the helmet using a regular small decorators spatula - which I also used on the face guard of the helmet - making sure that I had that part smooth.

I moved onto the main part of the helmet using star tip #16, I piped the whole helmet with the exception of the wing that I had placed on the cake using the toothpicks.

After the green was done (with the exception of the inside of the wing) I used a tiny bit of gray tint - mixed with white icing and star tip #16 to trace around the outside of the wing.

I then used my green icing and star tip #16 right next to the outer gray wing. Once a section of the wing is being started on, you can remove the copy of the wing and the toothpicks.

Next using white decorators icing and star tip #16 I piped in the very center of the wing in white icing. And to complete the wing, the inside in the same gray as the outer wing area was done.

Lastly, I used tip #12 and piped a circle around the ear piece in the helmet and using the same tip I piped a large trim on the inside of the helmet.

The very last thing was writing the name on the cake - using tip #3 - I simply wrote the name in white icing.

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Apr 02, 2010
by: Kelly

Nice job!

Apr 01, 2010
WOW !!


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