Eeyore by Dots Cake

by Stacy Olson
(Seminole, Florida)

Eeyore Cake

Eeyore Cake

This is my third cake ever made.

2 cake boxes (any kind can be used)
2 large fluffy white frosting containers
Food colorings: blue, green, and pink(or red...only adding a little will make it pink)
Sprinkles in yellow (for the center of the flower)

Step 1: Coat cake pan with butter spray containing flour

Step 2: Make cake as directed on box

Step 3: Let cool (I cheat...I fold a kitchen towel in the freezer and place the cake pan on top-20 minutes and it's cool)

Step 4: Shake pan side to side (you will notice it is loose and will fall right out because of the spray w/ flour)

Step 5: Flip cake onto the 'final serving plate' (or, what I do is go to the local supermarket and ask for a 1/2 sheet plastic container...usually they will not charge you!)

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-4, spread a thin layer of frosting on top of the first cake and flip this second one over it.

Step 7: Separate the 2 containers of frostings into 4 sections using plastic cups or other containers. Judge the amount per container based on the amount of each color (dark and light blue will be made in the same container-same with dark and light green).

Make a separate small batch to mix with black food coloring until it's as dark as possible (sometimes, like in my case, it's just a dark what?)

Step 8: Print out a black and white image of Eeyore and copy what you see as best as possible with the black frosting (use a medium star cake decorating tip and make the outline by using quick lines or dots (I use dots, hence the name!)

Step 9: Mix frosting with green and blue using a small amount of food coloring (add more later to get dark green and dark blue; if it's hard-try adding 1-2 drops at a time and mixing to test the colors) Make the pink (if using red, only add 1-3 drops tops!)

Step 10: Take your time by dotting and working your way through each color. Always start from the inside of the object to ensure space for small features like eyes, ect. (yellow is not frosting, I took a straw and scooped some yellow sprinkles, closed the bottom with finger, hovered over center of flower and released.)

Step 11: Finish the sides any way (I just made large bubbles around the sides, also covers and imperfections that the sides of the cake might have had.)

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Jun 28, 2008
by: Miley Harris

I love the way you used simple colors, and made a couple colors darker towards the end. I think you could condense the steps, but you broke it down very well. Bravo!

Jun 24, 2008
by: Mildred

He looks so real, you did a good job.

Jun 22, 2008
eyeore cake
by: Kelly

Very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

You did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!

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