fondant icing

by repher .s, mutulis
(mombasa, kenya)

Hi! I recently began a cake baking business but is experiencing great disappointment and embarrassment in the use of Fondant Icing. It never hardens and on one occasion it began melting during the wedding! Could I get all available information related to the ingredients required, amounts and correct mixing method to achieve that elegant finish? These are the quantities I use:

2pkts icing sugar
2tblsp glucose syrup
2tblsp gelatine
1/2tsp pastilage
1tsp lemon juice
2 eggwhite
2tsp glycerine
1tsp vanilla
Thank you.

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Jan 16, 2009
Why don't you buy it?
by: Anonymous

There are several places online to buy good tasting, high quality fondant. If you are wanting to make it yourself, I suggest the marshmallow fondant recipe that is both easy and inexpensive.

Jan 10, 2009
by: Nicole , NJ

i just made fondant the fist time , try using marshmallow instead...use this web-site:

Dec 06, 2008
Hope this helps
by: Nancy of Rialto CA Go to this site and use this fondant recipe. I hope you can get all the ingredients where you live. This is the best and easy to use. I hope you don't have that trouble again. That to bad. I love this site and it will give you all the answers you have also. Good luck to you Nancy of Rialto CA If you want to email me

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