Glossy fondant finished cake

by Damilola Adeola

I have seen cakes covered with fondant that are very glossy. How do I get this done? Is it a marshmallow fondant that is used or what? I need some enlightenment

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Oct 20, 2015
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Sep 28, 2015
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Oct 09, 2009
Glossy fondant
by: Anonymous

I know of someone who was using marshmellow fondant and she used alot of crisco to keep it from sticking to her hands and it was really shiny...i have heard of this being recomended alot ...hope it helps

Sep 18, 2009
Glossy fondant
by: Anonymous

I have seen cake decorators to put for a short moment, steam. They look awesome. I have not tried myself though.

Sep 17, 2009
by: Anonymous

I also think where you live has a lot to do with it. I live in a hot dry place and my fondant is dull and cracks. My friend lives in a humid place and it doesn't dry very fast and turns out nice and shiny. I do rub mine with extra fondant in my hand and that really does help. You can also hot steam it, but I don't have a hot hand steamer. A very light spray of water will work but be careful not to get to much.

Sep 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

Without seeing a picture here's my guess. It probably dusted with shimmer dust or luster dust. There are some airbrush colors that would also give the shimmer. It wouldn't matter what fondant you used it should give you the same effect.

Sep 15, 2009
glossy fondant
by: bamagrama

You can add a gloss to your fondant by rubbing it down with another piece of fondant. Ball up a piece in your hand and buff the surface you want glossy.

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