Hannah Montana Guitar Birthday Cake

by Lori Arpey
(Amsterdam, NY)

Hannah Montana Guitar Birthday Cake

Hannah Montana Guitar Birthday Cake

My daughter is a HUGE Hannah Montana fan, so of course that is what she wanted for her 5th birthday party. So I researched it online and got a few basic ideas and went for it. She LOVED it. It took about 4 1/2 hrs to decorate it, but when I saw her face it was worth every minute.

First, I made two 13x9 cakes and set them end to end on the cake board. (I used a pizza box flipped open and trimmed the ends off and covered with foil).

Then I cut the body of the guitar from one, and the neck and microphone from the other and let them "air dry" for awhile. Next I applied a very thin "crumb coat" and let that dry completely. After the crumb coat was dried, I frosted and decorated the cake with purple and white butter-cream frosting (Wilton's recipe of course).

I cut the Hannah Montana logos from the packaging on the party favors I bought for the party to use to decorate the guitar and mike with.

For the strings, I cut 6 pieces of crochet twine, tied each end to a toothpick cut in half. I set the toothpicks into the cake. One end at the base of the neck, the other end at the headstock of the guitar. I covered the toothpicks with marshmallows to look more like buttons. This also gave the strings a more realistic, 3-D look than if I had just drawn them on with icing.

I also used marshmallows on toothpicks for the tuners on the headstock. I used fudge store bought frosting for the neck of the guitar and the head of the microphone.

The cake was a big hit. No one believed I made it myself! One suggestion, I had a lot more crumbs with the chocolate cake than the yellow one. I would suggest if you are planning on doing a carved shape, to stick with a yellow cake for less crumbs.

"Hannah Montana 23"" Guitar Pinata"

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Mar 12, 2009
crumb coat?
by: Julie

I am new to cake decorating. What is a "crumb coat"? I am going to attempt it but the 4 1/2 hours for decorating it is intimidating and overwhelming. For the reasons you mentioned (look on daughters face) I will be doing it. Hope it comes out as good as this one looks.

Dec 02, 2008
So Cute!!!
by: Nancy

That turned out so cute. I can imagine how excited she was to get that cake. It really makes you feel good to have your child so proud of you. I know it takes a long time to decorate sometimes, but it's so true, you get a lot of satisfation at the results and happiness of the kids or whomever you are making it for. Keep up the good work..Nancy of Rialto, Ca

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