How to properly stack a three tiered wedding cake?

by Kim
(Farmington, NM USA)

My name is Kim and I am making a three tiered wedding cake this weekend. My cakes are already made and in the freezer ready to frost. I am using buttercream frosting. The bride wants the layers stacked directly on top of each other so I am not using any pillars. I bought wooden dowells to put in the layers to stabilize the cake but my question is after I frost each layer how many dowells do I put in, and then do I also use round cake circles to set on top of the frosted dowell layer to make the cake more stable? I have taken the first three Wilton cake decorating classes, and have experience making birthday cakes, however I have never made a tiered cake of this nature. Any help or advice would be appreciated! (:

P.S. The layers are as follows: 12 in. 2 layer, 10 in. 2 layer, and then 8 in. 2 layer

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Jul 30, 2009
Wooden Dowels or Plasticl fluted tubes
by: theamazingcissy

To stack a 3 tiered cake, the least expensive way to go is the wooden dowels and cake circles; the number of dowels you use is not as important as the placement; i generally use 3-8, depending on the size of the tier i am supporting; make sure the dowels are free of splinters or dust, common after you cut them down. place them evenly in the tier below the one you will be supporting; the problem with this method is that it is particularly unstable, and transport is impossible, so don't stack them until you are at your destination;
Use prepared plastic cake bases and pre-fit fluted tubes for a more stable support; these are sold witht he cake supplies at any hobby store, and are significantly more convenient; they are, however, much more expensive; another drawback to this method is that you cannot put a center stabilizing dowel through the entire cake, as you can with paper cake circles; for mor information, go to

Nov 21, 2008
plastic straws
by: Anonymous

Put a base under each layer to size then use drinking straws cut to each cake layer height
Use 4 to 3 per layer depening on size of cake

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