How to transfer a design to a cake

by Kim
(Corvallis, Oregon)

I am attempting to make a Tom & Jerry Cake. One of the cakes shown indicated that the maker used "the chocolate transfer method and piped in the filling". I understand the filling part, but how do you accurately create the design (so it actually ends up looking like what you're going for)? Perhaps some kind of stencil?

Thanks - any input would be great!

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Nov 17, 2009
Hi, Tom & Jerry Cake
by: Lena, Kuching Malaysia

I suppose that is my cake. Chocolate transfer method is what commonly used by local cake decorator. You can transfer almost 100% accurately.

Ist, trace the design that you want on a piece of greaseproof paper using pencil. Then melt some cooking chocolate using tip 1 or just cut a small hole on the piping paper. Turn the greaseproof paper so that the pencil marking is under. Pipe the outline of the design on the greaseproof paper. Now leave it to dry.

Frost your cake with whipping cream or buttercream. Here we prefer whipping cream then do some lines/design as you wish.

By now the chocolate should be harden. To turn the design using two hard board sandwich the design in between. (As not to break the chocolate)
Now remove the top hard board and you can find the chocolate is now facing downward with one hard board supporting it.

Last step is slide the design onto the frosted cake carefully. Slowly peel the greasepaper off from the chocolate.

Once the design has been transferred the rest just fill with cream either using star or smoothen with small spatula.

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