Marble Birthday Cake

by Kim
(Chicago, IL)

My nephew wants a marble marble birthday cake. As in an actual marble cake in the shape and design of a glass marble. I have a round pan I used for sport balls that will work. I'm just looking for any picture of ideas on how to decorate it. Any ideas? I borrowed 3 of his marbles for inspiration.

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Jan 17, 2010
by: Kelly

Here is the cake I did with icing that I 'marbled'.... as you can see, I over mixed!

Post pix when yours is done!!!!!

Jan 13, 2010
marble cake
by: Kelly

Good ideas Nancy! As always!

I don't like covering completely in fondant.
So I would mix my icing and not mix completely. Then when you ice, it'll look marbled.

But I have a tendancy to overmix colors. So I would barely mix the colors.

Jan 13, 2010
Marble Cake-Fondant
by: Kim C.

I've actually never tried fondant. I'm scared to try on his birthday cake for the first time. I could bake the cake early and try it out and just make sure I have enough batter for a 2nd cake just in case I mess up.

I'll also check out Wilton's site.
Thanks for the ideas!

Jan 13, 2010
by: nancy

Do you do fondant? If so mix a coupl of separate colors and then roll them together. twist them and roll out you will get a marble color and then cover the butter cream ball cake that you have made. you may have to cut the bottom flat on one of the balls. Or make a square cake and cut a hole in the top to set the ball into. Hope this helps. Check on wiltons site and it can help also. Nancy of Ca

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