Minnie Mouse First Birthday Cake

by Mary
(Diamondhead, MS USA)

I want to make a Minnie Mouse cake for my daughter's first birthday. Where can I go to get ideas on how to decorate the cake. I want the cake to be a two tier cake done in Minnie Mouse, either in fondant or butter cream icing. I really don't like the taste of fondant icing, but it will do if I have to use it. I just like the smoothness that it gives to a cake.

I figured if I do the Minni Mouse cake in fondant, I will make a separate cake in the shape of a #1 pan and put the colors of the Minnie Mouse cake onto the #1 cake. Not everyone likes the taste of fondant, so that is why I am making the #1 cake to go along with the two tier Minnie Mouse cake.

Please help! Her birthday is approaching fast. (March) Thank You. I'd rather use butter cream icing on the two tier Minni Mouse cake. I haven't worked with fondant in a while.

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Feb 02, 2010
minnie mouse
by: Kelly

Nancy beat me to it! I was going to suggest the Viva! paper towel too.
She got me started using them and they are perfect!

I do my cakes with them and then add fondant accessories. I have only covered one cake entirely with fondant and it was AQFUL. So I use the paper towel.
Perfect every time.

Also check out cakecentral.com for ideas.

Jan 31, 2010
You can do it!!!
by: Nancy

The cake Louise did is just darling. If you don't like fondant. You can do your cake with butter cream and let it crust and then do again, crust good and use a viva paper towel to smooth it with and it will look as smooth as fondant. Be sure it is a viva towel with no marks on it.. you will be very satified with how it turns out. I think your cake is going to turn out just great. Nancy of CA

Jan 30, 2010
Minnie Mouse First Birthday Cake
by: Louise from Malta


Hi, if you click on this web site you could see what I have done for my daughter's 1st birthday, perhaps you could have an idea.
I'm not a professional but it was quite easy.
If you have any problem you can send again.
I don't like to eat fondant either its too sugary and with all those colours! But as you said youself they look very smooth and neat. When I have my bite I just peel off the fondant and so do others.
If you write minnie mouse cake and click on images you could have a lot of ideas.

Goodluck and Happy Birthday to your dear daughter.

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