Princess Catherine Cake

by Anna
(Prague, Czech Republic)

Princess Cake

Princess Cake

Hi.… This princess cake was made for my 3 year old daughter that was so specific with what she wants for her 3rd birthday. I’m so inexperience with cake but was truly pleased with the end result. Thanks to my daughter for giving me such a challenge to try something new.

The cake was made with 1 and 1/2 round cake with hole in the center; the cake was made by my friend so I can’t provide you with the recipe. Here the cake is known as Babovka (Czech tradition cake for tea and coffee).

But I strongly recommend for you to use sponge cake as it will be lighter and tastier with the butter cream…. In this recipe I didn’t use sponge cake because I have no proper recipe for it… all my trials was horrible… so who ever out there has a nice sponge cake recipe… please and please feel free to forward it to me.

Note: When baking Please choose the cake tin that has a hole in the middle as this will help to create the space for the Barbie doll to stand in it. Plus you have to make sure that the tin has different diameter between base and the top so that you will have a better shape for the dress. You will need to bake I full and 1 half portion of the same cake. Once bake and cool down, cut the full into half for icing purposes.

With this cake I made very simple butter cream icing from my late Mother in-law’s recipe.

The ingredients:
500g icing sugar
250grms unsalted butter
1tsp vanilla essence
4tbsp evaporated milk.

Beat sugar and butter till fluffy, add vanilla essence and 1tbsp of milk at a time until you get the right consistency of the icing. Keep it in the chiller for storage or you can spread it immediately after mixing.

The icing is needed as to keep all the three portions of the cake together. Spread only in between the cake.

The dress;
The dress is purely made from homemade marzipan. The recipe is simple but it’s good to prepare it ahead of time and store it in the chiller until you will need it:

250 milk powder
500 icing sugar
2drops of bitter mandle essence (bitter almond essence)
Coloring (you can choose any color that you like. Use more if you want it to be darker/stronger)
2tbsp corn syrup (here the corn syrup is only available at the BIO shop.)
2tbsp plain cold water
Warm water for dipping your hands.

1. Divide the above ingredients into 2portion.
2. In the roomy bowl, using the first portion. Mix well the milk powder and icing sugar, and then add the corn syrup, almond essence, water and coloring. (By using little drop of red coloring you will ended up with light pink, if you desire for a stronger color than put more) First mix it well in the bowl until it looks like crumbs then you can pour the mixture on your clean working table as the second stage will require some strength and extra space.
3. Continue to mix all the ingredients and keep dipping your hands in the warm water after every round of rolling / mixing. This will help for the ingredients to come together to form a dough like marzipan. The consistency has to be like your children’s play dough. Once finish, wrap it with the cling wrap and store
it in the chiller.
4. Repeat the same method for the second portion but put no coloring. Once finish, cut it into half. One portion you keep it as white and add color to the other portion to make dark pink. From the dark pink take one thumb size and add more color to make it red as you will need this for the ribbon at the back of the dress.
Important note: You can soften the marzipan by putting it in the microwave for 5 to 10 seconds (depending on your microwave setting) for easy rolling.

How to put them together:
1. Firstly you have to cream the cake to form a cone like shape. Place the Barbie doll in the hole at the center. Please make sure that the high of the cake is just enough to reach the Barbie waist line.
2. Dust the cling wrap with potato starch (I guess that you can also use corn starch if potato starch is not available) place the marzipan on the starch and dust a little bit more on it, place another cling foil and start rolling until you have a nice thin layer of oval shape. Cut one end of the oval shape at the approx size 3 inches and put aside, with care place the whole white layer on the front of the cake with the cut side on the waist of the doll. Try to make a small fold near the waist as to make it look more natural and it will help to keep the marzipan together. Use little water as the sticking agent if needed.
3. Cut the lighter pink marzipan into 2 than continue the same steps as number 2. Place it on the both side of the cake. Use the remaining to cover the top part of the Body and a flat ribbon on the front near the belly.
4. Now using the same steps as mentioned in number2, rolled the darker pink into oval shape but instead of cutting one side of it, fold outward the same amount of marzipan to give a nice design of the dress from behind. On top of it, you will place a ribbon made from the small red portion of the marzipan that you have. At the end, brush a little water or Rum to gives the shinning / clean effect.
5. Finally you will use some sugar pearls and flowers for final deco. I used Dr. Oetker sugar icing (it’s commonly used for decorating the ginger bread) to write the name and the bracelet for the Barbie.

Lastly I really wish all of you the best of luck and enjoy yourself in exploring your own creativity. You can use mold for edges cutting of your dress but for me, I’ve decided to go for natural curve as to avoid it become too expensive for my pocket. This is my first such cake and I was so happy with the end result. At the end of the day I really make my girl’s wish come true. It really means so much to me.

Advice: Please treasure the marzipan recipe as it will help you with your imagination come true. I personally don’t like marzipan but this homemade recipe taste so milky and nice. It’s simple to make too…. Other than you will surely save some money as the shop marzipan can be very expensive for the big cake.

All the best,

"Princess Crown 13"" Pull-String Pinata"

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Aug 17, 2011
sponge cake recipe
by: Jess95

Hi, i would like to say you did a fantastic job of that beautiful cake!!

and i have here a sponge cake recipe that has ever failed me. these amounts are for two 8 inch cake tins

150G (6oz) softened butter + extra for greasing
150G (6oz) plain flour
150G (6oz) caster sugar
3 eggs
1&1/2 teaspoons of baking powder

set oven to 180'c/350f/gas mark 4
grease two 8 inch tins
beat butter and sugar together in a bowl until pale and creamy
beat the eggs in a separate small bowl and add them in to the butter/sugar mix bit by bit,while stirring
sift flour and baking powder together and mix well until fully mixed in
pour half of the cake mix into each cake tin
bake for 20-25 mins, they should be golden brown and springy in the middle when cooked

hope this helps you

jess :)

Jul 10, 2009


Jul 10, 2009
Princess Catherine cake
by: Kelly

Very beautiful!!!!!
You did a fantastic job and such a great job telling how to make it and the recipe is nice too!

Keep up the good work!!!!!

You should be proud!!!!!!

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