"Real Looking" Cupcake Hearts

by Tonya Parks
(Theodore, Al USA)

Cupcake Hearts

Cupcake Hearts

Me and my honey baked up cupcakes for Halloween, no special cake mix needed. After baking let the cupcakes cool. Meanwhile you can either color your fondant red or get your already colored red fondant ready, by kneaded it so it's smooth and ready to be rolled out.

Have some buttercream icing ready to ice your cupcakes. We used red buttercream icing. Roll out some red fondant, enough to cover a cupcake completely, and with a little extra for the valves.

We then took the baking cup off each cupcake and set aside to be iced in buttercream. We iced the top of the cupcake in red buttercream, then placed the cupcake upside down onto the fondant that was rolled out (make sure the bottom of the cupcake is facing up towards you). We then finished icing the sides and bottom of the cupcake.

After icing the whole thing, I gathered up the fondant around the cupcake, molding the fondant around the cupcake in my hands. At the top I just twisted the fondant to make the three valves of the heart. If you have too much fondant at the cut, just tear some off and mold your valves. You don't have to try to be prefect with the molding the fondant around the cupcake.

We found out that the more messy it looks, the better it will look in the end. After each cupcake had been covered in icing and fondant, we placed on a serving tray.

We then made homemade piping gel, instead of the store brought kind. But you can probably used it, just not sure of how it will work.

After making the piping gel, we put a little red icing coloring in the piping gel and covered each heart with it. We slowly poured a little over each one, and then used a Wilton paint brush to help finishing covering the heart if needed.

Then the remaining piping gel, we used a darker red or burgundy icing coloring and dizzled over the hearts to give it a two tone coloring affect.

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