Red Rose Cake

by Mildred Delgado
(Milledgeville, GA)

Red Rose Cake

Red Rose Cake

For this cake you will need medium stiff consistency white butter cream icing, a real rose, 6 leaves, 10 inches cake, a number 3 metal tip, pastry bag, 3 flower plastic inserts, red color base, small metal spatula.

Find a beautiful rose, carefully clean it, wash it with luke warm water ensuring that the rose is totally clean. Let the rose sit on a white paper towel carefully observing it ensuring
that is absolutely clean. The purpose of the white color paper towel is to easy spot any object not supposed to be on the rose and be easily to remove.

First, after the cake is cooled down, ice the entire cake with white icing and a spatula. This will take care of crumbs.

Put the cake in the fridge and wait about 2 hours so the cake will form a crust. Then take the cake out of the fridge and give it another coat of icing and this time ensuring that there are no crumbs visible and patting the cake down giving it a smooth looking shape.

After you give the cake the second coat and you are satisfied with the appearance, fill up the pastry bag and put the number 3 tip on. Start by freehand making undefined loops, kind of circles with out any orientation and shape. This is kind of fun to do too. Do this all over, here and there around the cake try not to go over the same shape. After you are satisfied make a simple dots border using the same tip at the bottom of the cake.

Next, carefully insert the rose into a plastic insert and into the cake, the stem must not touch directly the cake. Do the same procedure with the leaves and arrange them looking like they are coming out of the rose themselves.

I prefered to used a red base, just for a good contrast with the red color of the rose.

"Flower Personalized Banner Medium 24"" x 80"""

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Oct 16, 2011
I am going to make this at my churches Hallelujah night . It is beautiful
by: Anonymous

I am going to make this cake for a church event. You did a really good job on it.

Jun 25, 2008

VERY PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 24, 2008
by: Indy


Jun 23, 2008
Red Rose Cake
by: Amy


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